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Do you really believe the sexual stereotypes such as asian girls are tight, asian boys are the smallest, etc?
You'd be surprised to see how many people approach us and make sexual jokes. We're a black/asian couple, and they say that it'd be hell for the girl (me) and heaven for the guy (my bf). Do you guys really believe those stereotypes that asain girls are tightest, black guys are the biggest, asian guys are the smallest, etc?
I don't. It's all individual. I mean, stereotypes are everywhere, then u meet the exception n wonder. There are exceptions to every rule, and it's hard for me to be accurate, because I'm not promiscuous. But from my own experience, those stereotypes hold true. But then, I hear it's all about body type too, and also, what the body's been through. That's just like any other stereotype, like all black guys are gang bangers, and all asian girls are smart. I'm sure u've met the contrary. I know I have. I"ve met asian gangsters, and black college grads. I've met blondes who held off til marriage, who graduated college(then wed), I"ve met dumb brunettes. So it's all relative.
Do you think tight jeans would look good on tall and really skinny asian girl?
i am like 5'7 and 110lbs.
and i am really skinnyy.
my legs are long but very skinny.
but i really want to wear tight jeans .
but i have never tried before.
so do you think tight jeans would look good on tall, skinny,asian girl?
it depends on.if you are skinny w/ a proportionate or narrow hip,yes and be sure that you'll be admired by most men.if you have wide hips and wide distance between your tighs,try to wear a little loose jeans (at least for the upper part ).its a man's opinion!
When do Asian females go from super tight, dream-crashing hotties to old, stout women?
I don't see the transformation point, but it is always one or the other. Anyone else notice that?

In the larval stages (0-10 years old) the Asian female develops at a similar pace to a normal human guy. However, growth from 10-12 seems to accelerate until they seem to physically resemble a 14 or 15 year old. They stay at this general appearance for the next ten years, then they may fill out a little more, until they resemble an 18 year old at age 25. Before that point, they usually learn kung fu in order to ward off the advances of white pedophiles, but even if they don't, they can have 5+ babies without visible physical change, until their 35th birthdays when the aging process takes a sudden leap forward, putting them through menopause overnight. At this point, they forget all their English and murder their white husbands with a pair of chopsticks.
Are asian tight??? serious question?
ok, I'm 13, and Im just really curious about bodies.
are asian girls really tight down there??
if so, do they have to be that tight always?
and why?

asians tend to be smaller.

and so your vagina is small,therefore your tight compared to other races.
you get loose overtime..after sex and all that..but some just are tight.
Some say asian women are loose and liberated and then say asian girls are tight?
is this contradiction?
I think it really depends on how big the mans willy is and how many times she has been banged
Why do asian people hold so tight to their culture?
ALL of the asian people i know buy food from asian stores, decorate their houses in an asian manner, only speak some form of chinese at home even though their guys only know a few words...

is there something in thier culture that requires them to associate everything with it?

My bff is chinese... candanese to be exact. And ive been in her house many times. Her parents were born in america... Her house is completely decked out with chinese hangings and decorations... she speaks candanese at home and is learning more at chinese school... she eats basically nothing but chinsese food that she gets from chinese markets..

i mean .. you dont see african americans eating nothing but african food and them have african hangings in their houses... it just fascinates me how much asians hold on to thier culture... is there a reason why?

there are alot of asian people where i live and they all are so involved in their culture.
I'm assuming most of the asian people living in your area are "asian Chinese". Your blog seems to describe much described my environment cause my mom is none less the same. I live in a very ethnically diverse metropolitian city (Toronto) n there are a lot of Chinese strip plazas and grocery stores. They shop there because prices are cheaper and they may buy more Chinese foods that u wont find in the typical "western markets". From all my experiences, they do segregate themselves more than any other non-european group. For one, my neighbourhood is vastly asian, mostly Chinese (hardly any whites, blacks, whoever else etc..) Maybe that was a coincidence. But from a little bit of research, the chances of Chinese person having another Chinese neighbour are high. In my school, they band in groups of 4 or 5 talking in Cantonese/Mandarin. But keep in mind; asians definately DO NOT come from one single culture. There are differences too. Some did have outside influences. Being at the bar yesterday, of course everyone else there was there socializing and drinking themselves drunk, while they are probably burying themselves in books and studying hard. But i have noticed and met some Korean and Japanese people at bars/pubs having some fun at least, just not so much a Chinese.
Please don't take anything offensively, this is just my opinion based on what i have seen/noticed all around.
As far as the cultural aspect goes i think that
1) they never had any outside influences (such as European colonialism)
2.) Ancient China was the oldest civlization than any other in the world ( at least 5000 years of history)
3.) Pure Chinese upbringing most likely
I think they, particularly first generations, buy into the "stereotypical view" of the West. I mean.. western culture isn't perfect but is there one that really is? there are positives and negatives in every culture. And some of them who do assimilate do try too hard because they do not really have a good enough understanding of the western world and how to integrate as well. Based on your point, i think that a little culture is ok (and i understand that many struggle often just to balance two cultures) but some of these ppl, u just happen to wonder sometimes?
Anyway hope that helps in answering your question.
Are Asian really tight???? weird ques, but just answer, please?
Ok, Im not being pervert or anything. Im just confusing because i heard most of my friends said that Asian are tight. I'm only 13, so dont call me nasty or stuff.
Is it true that asian girls are pretty tight? is it bad or good of being tight?
look how many guys they breed how do you thinkl they could ever be tight
Dont u think Asian Girls have too tight with their guard against men?
Is it because they are Asian or American women as well.
For example when I just ask about their interest, they think I like her and they make their guards up. Iam really annoyied with those things.
honestly, probably because when they get unwanted attention that's how it starts. some guys are more gentle when they try to pursue dating women or wanting to know her more and use this approach of asking her about her interest. it's too bad that they misunderstood you, but it's probably because that's how a lot of guys start out with trying to get to ask a woman out. if i were you, i probably wouldn't talk to them anymore but be cordial with them. at least they weren't being ugly to you were they? i know some none asian women who would be straight up ugly about how she feels if she thinks a guy is hitting on her when it's not even the case.
That east asian girls are tight?
Asian women tighter? Is this a stereotype?
Are stereotypes true? Are Asian women for example tighter? Do Arabic men have longer ones? Are Scots/jews cheap?

I have been with several east asian girls and they are NOT tighter (but might be the ones I was with)
Is there an element of truth to a stereotype or can they become common belief with no element of truth
there is some truth in the stereotype but not because they are asian. it is because asian people are typically of smaller frame, and body parts remain proportional to size. has nothing to do with being asian really, only body size.
Are asian girls tight?
I always hear that Asian women are tighter than the rest but I have a bud stationed in Japan who swears they are not. He is married so he's in a position to compare and he says they are not.
Is this a lie?
The only guys i heard say this are the ones who never been with an asian, the ones who have say they arent. its a stereotype by men with small penises who are insecure about it.

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