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Do you like to be tied up and spanked, until you cant take it anymore?
† Remember Drink Kool Aid †
Of course not! Don't be absurd!

I like to be the one DOING the spanking! :P
Do other girls liked to be tied up and spanked ?
i may do this to my girlfriend april for not being online
You bet!

If you want someone to "practice" on, then e-mail me.
My husband spanked me and tied me up. and wants hard sex?
so what should I do .
Go ahead and give it a shot, but have a safety word in case he crosses your threshold.
Is enjoyment from being spanked in the bare butt considered normal?
I greatly enjoy being spanked in my bare butt with rubber sandals, belts or whips until my rear end becomes red hot and I can't stand the punishment any more. My greatest pleasure comes when I am spanked stark naked and tied in front a group of people who watch me in distress crying like a baby and begging for mercy.

I myself am very comfortable with my masochist tendencies and do not see anything wrong with that, but I made the mistake of talking about that with my sister and inviting her to watch one of my spanking sessions ( I am part of an amateur kinky troupe which performs in front of live audiences). She was totally taken aback with what she saw and since then doesn’t stop saying that I have psychiatric problems and need help. I must confess that I got a little bit shaken by her comments and would like an opinion.

Is it normal for a woman to enjoy being spanked really hard in the bare butt in front of an audience…???...ShouId I just relax or seek some kind of help…?
Relax and enjoy it, girl - sounds like you're getting all the help you need from the people who spank you. Still, inviting your sister to watch maybe wasn't the wisest move. I'd suggest you deserve a spanking for it - but that wouldn't really be much of a deterrent, would it now?

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