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What are the best 5 sites on the internet for teen clothes for petite teens?
I need to buy some clothes. What are the best online shops for teens. I am nearly 17 but I'm real petite (5 foot 1 to 5 foot 2!)

I have a small frame (I've been small my whole life!) What clothes would suit me? I have dark brown long hair, brown eyes, medium to fair skin (although I do tan up) and I have an oval to round head (kind of in between) although I do have quite a large head (not enormous!) just slightly rounded.
I'm 5'nothing.

Here's some stores that have website which I think cater to the short and tiny.

abercrombie for guys (i'm in my late 20s and still shop there)
forever 21
old navy (has XXS!)
Where online can I get inexpensive petite teen clothing?
I like the cute, girly, earthy kind of look and I'm really small, but I hate spending a lot of money, where can I get good petite clothing online?
HK fashion shop

We sell Japan & Korean Clothing.
-Low Price
-Good Quality
-Reasonable Shipping
-No taxes and customes

Need skinny jeans that fit very small petite teen girl?
Hello there I am a teen and very petite and small I am thin and short but my legs are long so the waist fits me but the pants are several inches short. I really want to feel good in skinny jeans and i want them to fit me kind of tightly. Please give me some stores and if you have the same problem as me!!!!! Thank you soooooo much!
Hearts Hearts
i im really short and thin to but i also have long legs and i get my skinny jeans from abercrombie in like a size 12 slim
Where can i for dressy dresses for a petite teen?
I have checked forever21 wet seal, jc penny, walmart (lol) and many others i just cant seen to find one. its my little sisters graduation for the 8th grade and she is abnormally skinny, yet really tall. so it hard to find dresses that fit her. i need a site, advice, whatever you have to offer.
they're mostly sweet sixteen dresses, put they're also great for graduation. none of them are long, and they show off the legs.
Where can i shop for petite teen girls?
My daughter is youth size 10 and thirteen years old. She has terrible trouble finding clothes she likes because she is very mature and fashion forward but all clothes that fit her seem to be made for young guyren. If anyone has any website or store reccomendations it would be GREAT!

Thanks in advance for your help!
you can always make the clothes. its a good experience and its really fun. plus you can learn something for future refrences. other wise. you can just get clothes and alter them. you can try ordering online becasuse they do have smaller sizes avalablel. im pretty sure a size 10 would be able to fit into a size 00 with a belt.
you can try
-wet seal (their jeans are hecka small but cute)
-hollister(pretty pricy and not original but it could work)
-abercrombie and fitch(same as hollister)
-abercrombie ( like A&F and hollister but for younger guys so your daughter might be able to fit into theses sizes better)
-american eagle(you have to order online though)
-victoria secret (for sweat pants)
-hot topic ( if she likes skinny jeans)
-pac sun( their jeans are also pretty tight)
-Nordstorm Rack ( like nordstorms but cheaper and they should have lots of sizes)

hope this helped a bit ^^
How can I become a teen model(petite)?
I want to do petite modeling because im about 5"4. Im size 8ish and I think I'm quite pretty (not being vain, being honest lol). I think that I actually have a real chance at doing this, but I'm a bit unsure what I have to do. Does anyone know how to like, get a good portfolio and where to apply for this kind of stuff? And whjat I'd have to do?

Thanks xoxo
It's always best to have someone in the buisness that you know but since you don't....let's start..

Find your nearest talent agency, or one that you think looks safe and up to date..Always check for the modelling agency you want to go to is registered not just a building claiming that it is...

Once you go to the agency they will have a look at you maybe talk to you and get down all your details and then take pictures of you...

They'll keep your files and pictures etc and then you'll just have to wait and be patient....You might not get a call for a long time or you might get a call straight away..It depends on how popular the agency is or if casting directors want a specific person from an agency or if they want a selection of models or actors etc...

Remember to have faith and good luck!

Hope this helps!
What styles are good for a short, thin, petite teen?
Links, ideas, comments. It'd also be good for some winter weather stuff
I'm short, thin, and petite too :D

My normal (winter) wardrobe is cute jeans, a hoodie t-shirt or sweater (or a long sleeve shirt even...), fashionable scarf, and some UGG boots. It's comfortable and it looks cute.
Is there a teen or petite size tampon?
The only small kind that I could find were tampax slender but i tried them and I really don't like the cardboard applicators! Help!
Tampax does have lite tampons (with the plastic applicators) that are really small. I think you can get them at Wal-Mart, target, walgreens, and probably any other pharmacy, so you might want to check those places. I use them and love them! If you can't find them, you can see if you can find the new Platex slender regulars and lights. I've tried those too, but always experience leaking before I need to take them out. But I mean many people like them so you can give them a try. If you can find the tampax in store you will be able to get them online if you need to. Hope you can find them!
Where can I can petite teen clothing?
I'm in high school and I'm 4"11 and I need to find cute clothing. What online store or store could I find them?
I buy mine from www.petiteclothingonline.com/juniā€¦

I am 5'2" and 105 pounds.
What are some stores for a petite teen?
I need suggestions for stores. I am 5'0 and ae 00 jeans are a little too big D: i know summer is a little ways off but i need suggestions for MODEST no low cut shirts. I shop at aero but i want to broaden my choices. thnx!!!
i am 5'3 and i am so petite, here r places that i shop at

abercrombie (i love the fit)
wet seal (i wear medium)
forever 21 (i wear the smallest size)

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