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What retail stores have sexy mens underwear?
Looking for a retail chain store where I can buy very nice, sexy mens underwear... I am in the US, so even in the big department stores the mens underwear is so BORING. I am looking for European and outrageous styles... is there anything like a Victoria's Secret for men? Or even a regualr store with a nice mens selection?
If you want to actually go to a department store and shop, I suggest Macys, or Target. They sell all varities of men's underwear including bikini and thong styles. Walmart doesn't sell men's thongs, but they do sell bikini and string bikini styles. Personally, I prefer Jockey brand bikini briefs. Macys, Dillards and Ross carried Jockey brand underwear.

If you're looking to shop online the best sites I have found are:
Prevail Sport
ABC Underwear
Body Aware
Sexy mens underwear websites, please awnser?
im 13 and i like looking at men in sexy underwear like jockstraps and thongs, what are some good websites???

i only put it in mens health coz there are men in it u no u catch my drift, lol
Which type of mens underwear do women find sexy?
Ok so it's probably not a leopard skin thong, but what do you find to be the sexiest underwear on your man? Is it briefs, boxers, commando or something else?
um probably none
Looking for sexy mens underwear?
I'm looking for sexy menswear, does anyone know a good brand or place???

I have searched the net, haven't found many I like. Looking for sexy underwear and swimwear...

I hope this is a female and she has just misspelled her name if not WTF F*ggot... l
What do women think of mens sexy underwear ie. designer briefs, thongs, g-strings, etc?
I am a straight male in his early twenties whos likes wearing these styles from time to time, as i find them comfortable, stylish very sexy to wear, and i feel very turned on in them.(also i look good in them)Am i weird?? Although i normally wear boxers, do u think girls will be turned off or turned on if they saw me in skimpy designer undies?
I have to say personally, i'd like to be wearing skimpier underwear than my guy. Boxers are nice cos it looks like they're not trying so hard. There's a risk if a girl doesn't know you very well she might see you in a thong and think you're a bit of a poseur/player. Sorry to give you a wishy washy answer but it depends on the girl. Everyone has different tastes, if you really like them then go for it!
What style of mens underwear is sexiest?
Been either a tighty whitie guy or boxers with wild patterns like homer simpsons boxers. Never plain boxers. What style do people think is the most sexiest. Do you like patterns or plain colors. What colors are the sexiest too.
boxer briefs or boxers. i think if you are trying to impress a woman classic black looks really good. if you are just at home relaxing then you can wear the homer simpson or superman ones lol
Mens underwear - What is considered a turn on?
What kinds of underwear is sexy on men? Boxers or Jocks? What colour is a turn on and what is a turn off? Do you think green underwear is sexy?
Boxers, Boxer briefs...
Since I can rarely get my wife to wear dresses or sexy lingerie anymore I am thinking of buying?
some of these sexy mens underwear for myself to teach her a lesson! How do you think she will react? and will this get her back into dresses?
LMAO...oh you made my day!

I guess someone has to wear the frilly panties in the relationship. Get a pair and when she starts laughing say do you think you could pull off some of these better? That will get her to wear something sexy.
Whats the sexiest type of mens underwear and colour ???????????
I like the Calvin Klein shorts - but not the boxer ones - the ones with the shorter legs - any colour - white is always good if you have a tan.

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