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Any suggestions for sexual positions during pregnancy?
I only have about 8 weeks left.. and am having trouble findin any position that im comfortable with. What sexual positions should i try? Any help will be appreciated.
It's going to be uncomfortable when your 30+ weeks. I think the best position would be for both of your to lay on your sides.
Sexual positions during pregnancy?
Which sexual positions are the most comfortable and safe during pregnancy?
All fours in nice (doggy style)
Women on top
Anything as long as he doesn't put weight on the baby
Can anyone suggest good sexual positions during pregnancy?
Or a web- site?
Have her lay on her back and you on your side, kinda sideways, but not completely... she'd have to prop one if not both legs up on top of your legs, but its serious comfy! She can the grab your legs and pull you in farther if wanted.

Not all of us like doggie style!

Woman on top. This allows you to control the depth of penetration, and the majority of the movement. You can go as fast or as slow as you'd like, while controlling the depth of the penis. This position works really well throughout pregnancy and at the very end of pregnancy.

Spooning. This position gets it's name from the way spoons fit together in the silver ware drawer. Usually it's best if the man is behind allowing his penis to go between your thighs and enter you from behind. This creates no pressure on the abdomen, and allows for a shallow penetration. Many women find this a very relaxing position for sex during pregnancy, and it can be used throughout.

Hands & Knees. This is a very good position for pregnant women again because of the lack of direct pressure on the abdomen, although as your get larger your belly may actually rest on the bed. Some women find this difficult at the very end of pregnancy, depending on how high they are able to hold their belly off the bed and still allow for penetration.

Side lying. This can be kind of tricky, but it can be done! Lay on your side with your partner facing you, try pulling one leg up to allow room for your partner. This may get tiring after awhile, and may not be easy for the last part of pregnancy.
Sexual positions during pregnancy?
I'm 12wks pregnant and me and my husband enjoy a healthy and exprimental sex life :) I was wondering though is it true that certain positions can cause harm?? Should we just stick to normal missionary positions? I mean we don't go overly imaginative or do anything majorly out of the ordinary but was just wondering...
Any position is OK. As you get larger though, it's going to be harder to do some crazy possitions.
Question about sexual positions during pregnancy...?
I am only 15 weeks, so my belly still isnt very big. Every where I read says laying on your back is not a good a idea... but is this just while sleeping? Or in general. Does this mean you should not have sex in the missionary position?
I asked a maternity nurse about lying on your back, cuz I was getting so worried from always rolling over onto mine while I slept. I was told that your body will warn you once it's time to move off of it, whether it takes a few seconds, or even an hour. It all depends on if the blood vessels are getting squished or not. I roll over onto my back all the time while I sleep, and sometimes I stay like that for a while, but sometimes I wake up cuz I can't breathe or I have a headache. Lol. Trust me, once you're too big to do it, your body will let you know. If you still want to have sex in missionary, prop your back up w/ a few pillows. If you're slightly elevated, it's not a problem, it only gets difficult when you're laying completely flat. I'd say, if you like missionary, enjoy it while your belly is still small enough to allow you to!!!! Cuz trust me, that won't be happenin soon!! Lol :) Have fun!
What is the best sexual position to use during pregnancy.?
I have got 10 weeks left to go and my parnter and I haven't done it for a while and its his birthday soon and I always give him me as a present.
Any ideas on what position would be best to use.
What are some sexual positions My husband and I could use during my pregnancy?
I am 6 months and (to myself) I look like a Good Year blimp!!!
Side by side
Woman on top
Edge of the bed

check the link for details
What sexual positions have you pregnant ladies found comfortable during late stages of pregnancy?
I can't figure out how to have an orgasm already at 5 months!! Didn't have this problem the first go around!! I gotta figure this out because I have a long way to go!! In any postition I seem to have a hard time getting comfortable, and when I finaly get comfy my husband is all finished up!!
lol. That's funny.. Tell him to wait! hehe.

I had to get on top to get off. But, even then when I was in my last month or so, my stomach managed to get in the way.

You should look online and check into ordering a small vibrator. You can have an external orgasm with that while he is in a position that feels good, too. Those vibrators can be powerful! Just use it on the outside on your clitoris,while your husband is doing his thing. Trust me, it works EVERY TIME. There's no way to not get off with one of those things. Good luck! :)

If being on top is not working either, you should definitely choose the vibrator route. Trust me.. It's great. ;)
Sexual positions in pregnancy?
hiya,just wondered,im only 20 weeks pregnant but finding some positions uncomforlable,whats the best or most reccomemded during pregnancy?
thank you
i found that doggy style with pillows placed under you for extra support to be the best for me, plus it helped with my backache to be able to stretch a little that way and have fun at the same time!!
Can You Be A Sexual Freak During Pregnancy?
Serious Replies Only!

I want some ideas on how you can blow ur guy out of the water in your last trimester of pregnancy. I Never Really did to much from jump, I really think that my bones are too stiff and I'm uncomfortable in certain positions. I'm 20 and i don't know if it's just the age or partner but I can't get an orgasim during sex, and I'm wondering if I tried some new things will that help my non orgasmic problem in the bed?
You should be fine doggy style...
This may be a good time to practice oral...

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