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How do I make a Celebrity Fake Nude site compliant with the US 2257 law?

I run a celebrity fake nude site hosted in the US and I'm unsure how I would make it compliant with the 2257 law. The site is completely free and makes money with advertisements.

Since the images are fake, what do I need to do to make the site to follow the US laws? If the owner is in the US and I move the site oversees, will it still have to follow the 2257 law?

Thanks for your help!
You probably have more issues than 2257. If you are doing the typical cut and paste of a celebrities face on someone else's body then you are probably using two photos that you didn't have permission to use which means you are violating copyright laws. Potentially you could also be sued for defamation of character. If there is any claim made that the photos are real then it would be false advertising. Moving the site overseas will not help you when production and other business is done here.

The legal way to do this would be to shoot look alikes, in which case you can get a copy of the model's ID when you do the shoot.
Celebrity nude photo leaks: do you think they are intentional by the celeb?
I'm talking about photos that were taken in private, rather than paparazzi pictures. Things like the Ashley Green and Vanessa Hudgens. Same with celebrity sex tapes.

Maybe I'm just a cynic, but I just can't believe most of these were not intentionally leaked by the celeb.
to celebs *there's no such thing as bad publicity*
Why don't people who create fake celebrity nude pics get in trouble?
If someone were to cut and paste a picture of their boyfriend/girlfriend onto a nude body and post it over the internet, would they get in trouble?
First there is Karma:

Second there is the family way

Third the donut eaters…

So if Karma don't get them, the mob will or they will be looked up, they don't get away with it. They might not get their legs cut off. They might not be thrown in jail. But when they get cancer or the like they will know karma got em.

Can anyone help me do a celebrity nude?
Ok so please don't report me! I want this nude for a prank I'm doing to my friend to get him back! and we really need someone's help!!!! I will give you 100 points if you help me! I will tell you how im gonna do this and I will choose your answer as the best one if you help me! and I'll explain everything and the celebrity but PLEASE HELP ME I NEED THIS!!
how do you expect to give anyone 100 points?

answer mine?;…
How do I know if celebrity nude pics i see are real and not just look-alikes?
and please don't say that this question is sick we all have urges
Say it was like a nude of Paris but the body had huge boobs,
then you'd know it wasn't real cause Paris has teeny boobs.

So one way to tell is to look closely to see if the body matches up.
Are there any celebrity nude tube sites for free?
where can I find softcore sex movies to watch for free? sites that have shannon tweed and kim dawson?
I feel ashamed answering this... but just go to and turn off the family filter. If you can't find what you're looking for there, also does the same

Finally, try just the "videos" on google. You can find anything there.
What are some websites for celebrity nude pictures?
That's creepy, don't you have anything better to do.
Is it legal to publish new nude pix of celebrity on the internet?
Is it legal and can the person who wants to post them make a lot of many? Anyway I think this is disgusting!
It would only be legal if you had the celebrity's permission to expose the nude pics.
Is it illegal for an artist to paint a nude portrait of a celebrity?
Would he be violating copyright / breaking some sort of a law if he were to sell this portrait.

(Mind you the celeb hasn't modeled in the nude / given any sort of consent)
No, not even if it is for public display.

This is the same reason the media is able to follow people and take pictures. It's your first amendment right.

It's only a painting, so you are not invading anyone's privacy- however- keep in mind that anyone can sue anyone nowadays, so if it gets real popular or even published- looook out !!

However, you would not be breaking any laws, including copyright restrictions as long as you do not copy another picture/portrait.

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