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I have a stubborn cousin that wants to join a live sex chat and can he have sex with these naked cam girls?
my consin is 23 years old and he would want to sign up for live sex chat or naked cam girls his really into it but i keep trying to stop him every time he intended to because I don,t want him to do a mistakes.These cam girls are pretty hot and stripping there bodys for peoples and there some who are attactives as well but can you also date them and have sex with them? or is this is just more like chatting and them stripping for you?
He's 23 I'm pretty sure he can do whatever wants. Better live sex chat then out slipping stuff and girls drinking and leaving there lifeless bodies in alley's after he has had his way with them.
Does anyone have screencaps of Cam Gigandet naked in burlesque.?
Okay I desperately want to see Cam Gigandets bubble butt in burlesque okay does anyone or anyone have a screencap of Cam naked in the film did anyone get it on their video phones yet anyone have it.
lmao. Perv. <3
This guy i speak to online keeps telling me to go naked on cam?
hi people, well this guy who i know for quite a long time. one day he randomly asked me to go naked on cam so i blocked him, and he has my mobile number aswel and he keeps ringing me. i dont no what to do. he says to trust him, he wont break my trust and that he'll go naked on cam aswel. i dont know what to do. he keeps ringing me day and night just to ask me if i am ready. what shall i do? please help
Tell him if he doesn't leave you alone you're going to call the cops. And if he doesn't, call the cops. You have his phone number and the e-mails and the call logs; you're good to go.
Should I be concerned guy I like watches naked web cam girls online?
I noticed on his myspace page that some of his female friends are web cam workers (you interact with them for a fee). I feel hurt but my friends say all guys do it it's no big deal. So what do YOU think??
If someone is of legal sexual consent age does that mean its legal to for them to be on cam naked or for someo?
to watch them on cam naked, if both know about it?
laws change state to state and county to county... it would be best for u to go to google. or something and look up the laws in your state
Why do guys use you to get naked on cam and leave you?
I hate it... I've been doing it sense I was 13.. I realize I got Low Self-esteem, but Why do men ask me to get naked and then they just F*king leave me...and...I just don't know what to do after they've used me.. :( please someone help me i might be doing this for the rest of my life D: I don't want that!
I hope that you are able to control these situations better in the future.
For now, you should start living with the notion that any request for you to "get naked" on camera is abuse and should be ignored.

Guys (me included) desire women, which includes the naked female form. Seeing a naked female is exciting and arousing, and does not mean that you should do this just because one of us asks you to.

For now, talk to your parents, or a counselor about your self-esteem and realize that no internet person is worthy to see you naked.
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Why do girls not like guys who show just their naked bodies on cam?
(I like to show my body on cam to other girls but i dont find any girl who feels ths same passion abt it as i feel)plz im me only
I have several ladies who love to watch me on cam nude. Some participate also.
It just depends on the people involved.

I was on omegle today and i was sick and tired of perverts who want to naked web cam with girls?
so i decided to pose as a girl and before i could say just guyding, they disconnected and i got a message from omegle saying that they were tracking my ip and something about the cops, is this true?
I don't think so.

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