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What are some great mature romance manga?
I'm looking for romance mature manga. I liked "midnight secretary" and "Moe Kare" so much. I also like Love Monster, Hana Kimi. What I'm really looking for here is ROMANCE. Thank you.
i liked royal seventeen.

ones that are not so mature are;

koukou debut
girl got game

you can read them all at
The Best top ten mature manga ?
well ...
did any one have any suggestion about the best mature manga ?
at least 10 names :D
lately i like to read mature manga, you got the perfect story, perfect ecchi, perfect love scenes.

Gantz [genre]( bloody hardcore ecchi and mature )
Futari ecchi [genre](comedy romantic ecchi mature)
Midnight secretary [genre](romantic mature)
Highschool of the dead [genre](non mature, but bloody and ecchi :D)
Kindan trilogy (about the werewolf and human love) very mature.
Love monster (ecchi, comedy and romance)
love strip (mature,ecchi,comedy)
Tenjo tenge.. fighting adventure ecchi mature :D good
stroke material (romance,mature,comedy)
Desire climax (romance,mature)

well.. i love death note but i think the romance stuff bit minus..
just my opinion though...
a lot of people had a lot of different taste :D..

well.. any good suggestions ?
for best mature ecchi manga ? with a bit adventure, romance, comedy..
a lot of ecchi :D

Mxo and pretty face quite good but theres no love scenes..
and until the end the romance a bit odds...
funny and ecchi stuff were good.

:) thanks you
I have a couple that I can probably offer you :)

1. Haou Airen (Very Mature. Has very little comedy in it, but it's a good read. /Note: you might be picky at the ending though.)

2. Bishounen no Oheya

3. Change 123 (Haven't read it, but based on the reviews, I'm guessing it's pretty good.)

4. Love Comedy Style (some ppl hate the main character for her awkwardness and some love her. just a note, but who knows, maybe you might like it.)

5. Elfen Lied (I heard from LOTS that this is really good @_@ )

6. Jikiru de Haido Na Kare (one of my favorites ^_^ )

7. Love Ho no Ojousama (I liked the first page I flipped to so I'll just throw it out to you XD )

8. Love ho na Kankei (it's alright. )

9. Akkan Baby (not mature - saw good reviews though)

10. Iya x Shite (lots of comedy and sweet moments :) )

11. Beast Master (this isn't mature, but thought I'd just throw it out as a bonus to you :) It's a very sweet manga so you should check it out some time. NOTE: NOT TO MENTION YOU'LL MEET L's TWIN XD )

Well, hope some of those helped. Enjoy~ :D
Do female voices ever mature?
I have a very high voice and apparantly sound like a twelve-year-old on the phone. Which is bad, since I'm seventeen and have an after school job as a secretary.

Will it get more mature when I get older? Or should I train myself to sound...more professional?
yes, female voices do mature - it's just not as drastic as male voices maturing. if you're 17 though, it's probably happened already. it usually happens when you go through puberty.
Mature Student's Computer Science Personal Statement - 1st Draft?

I have always had a natural flair for computers and this has become clearer to me over the past three years in full-time employment. I find that the IT skills that I use everyday as a legal secretary such as touch-typing and using specialist legal and accounts software have always come more naturally and easily to me, without any training, than others in my sector.

I have always had a very logical and analytical mind. This is demonstrated by my consistently high grades, specifically in the areas of Electronics (at GSCE level), Physics and Maths (at A level). I am a very fast learner and have always been able to pick up new concepts and methods with ease. I have always thought of myself as quite creative as well - at school I excelled at art and design and with my electronic products project I was a finalist for the Welsh Young Innovator of the Year Award in 2001.

I have also gained invaluable skills in employment in the last few years. I become a lot more organised when I worked as a Production Planner for a manufacturer and distributor of fibre optic telecoms equipment as I had many responsibilities, they included planning jobs into production and liaising with the sales team, checking stock levels, purchasing components necessary for jobs, chairing the daily production meetings and organising the despatches and couriers.

From October 2006 I have worked as a legal secretary. My IT and organisational skills have enabled me to excel at this. I am extremely efficient and have worked consistently hard to improve my own efficiency and implemented new templates and spreadsheets. I have also found my good internet research skills to be extremely useful. I always endeavour to improve myself and whilst working as a legal secretary I have completed a Legal Secretaries Diploma course at home and gained a ‘Highly Commended’ certificate.

As well as the skills I have gained the time I have spent in full-time employment has also given me far more focus and determination to succeed than I had five years ago. Supporting myself has also made me a lot more responsible and mature. I therefore feel that I have both the intellectual and personal skills to be able to successfully study for a degree in Computer Science at Bangor. The course appeals to me because of the wide range of interesting subject areas, the chance to combine theoretical study with hands on projects and the specific and technical skills which I will gain and I know are much sought-after in the workplace.

Any helpful comments/suggestions or constructive critisism would be much appreciated.

Many thanks x
Great. GL
Any good romantic but, mature manga with smut?
Hey guys!!! i'm looking for something to read, a manga, with a lot of romance and smut!!!

please do not list:

love celeb
bitter virgen
midnight secretary
i love my little sister
desire climax
I've read all of those myself... Here are some others I'm sure u will like:
*Moe Kare - complete with 34 chapters…
*Haou airen - complete with 50 chapters…
*Ren-ai Shijou Shugi - complete with 42 chapters…
*First Girl - complete with 18 chapters…
*It's not like that, darling - complete with 15 chapters
*Boku Ni Natta Watachi - complete with 16 chapters
*Kare First Love - complete with 58 chapters…
*Royal Seventeen - complete with 8 chapters
*Spicy Pink - complete with 12 chapters
*Hot Gimmick - complete with 54 chapters…
*Monster love - complete with 82 chapters
*Ikenai Teacher, Iketeru darling chapter - complete with 10 chapters
*100% perfect girl - Ongoing with 73 chapters as of today…
*Kaikan Phrase - Ongoing with 82 chapters as of today…
*Uwasa No Midori-kun - chapter 18
*Kyou Koi Wo Hajimemasu - ongoing with 33 chapters as of today…
*The One - ongoing with 48 chapters as of today…

U can find them on onemanga and on mangafox
Enjoy ;]
Really Wonderful Mature Romance Mangas?
I'm looking for really great romance mature mangas it seems like i've read all the good one's.

I've already read
Love Celeb
Desire Climax
Love Monster
Ren-ai Shijou Shugi
Akuma na Eros
Midnight Secretary
Kaikan Phrase


These are great:

Nodame Cantabile
Skip Beat!
Bitter Virgin
Vampire knight
hadashi de bara wo fume
Addicted to curry

I need some mature romance manga!?
I really like long romantic mature manga. I like fantasy too, something like "Midnight Secretary" would be awesome. I also like school life like "Moe Kare". what I'm really looking for here is a long, romantic manga. Thank you.
Kare First Love - complete with 58 chapters (High School)…
Hot Gimmick - - complete with 54 chapters…
100% perfect girl - Ongoing Currently 82 chapters.…
Kaikan Phrase - Ongoing…
The One…
Mature Romance Manga?
I'm looking for a really good and mature romance manga. I don't mind if it has sexual content or nudity, as long as it has a good plot and characters. I've read
Desire Climax, Love Celeb, Midnight Secretary, Bitter Virgin and some others (which I can't remember) and I really enjoyed them. So, if anyone has any suggestion of mangas, like the ones I've mentioned or other really good ones I'd love to hear them.
!Desire Climax
!Haou Airen
!Love Celeb
!Love monster
!Ren-ai Shijou Shugi
Kyou, koi wo hajimemasu
Is sixteen too young to be a secretary?
I am a mature 16 year old, i have applied for a legal secretary position but i want to know whether they will turn me down because of my age.
I have all the necessary requirements for the job though.

by the way, it is legal for a 16 year old to work where i live.
You'll only get the job if there isn't a more qualified candidate available... or if the boss likes the idea of a 16 year old girl there in the office.
Please suggest mature manga?
So I'm looking for a mature manga that isn't really short. As long as it has romance in it, I'll read it. I've read the ones below:

Midnight Secretary
Love Monster
Ren-ai Shijou Shugi
Desire Climax - tons of very very good smut. Love the drawings.

It's about a normal girl who has a sick mother so she has to work alot. One night, she's walking home from work and is almost raped by a group. A very handsome guy saves her, throwing money at her, he forcefully kisses her, and says that he "bought" her. It turns out he goes to her school, except he looks very different without glasses. It also turns out that her mother is good friends with his father and he has lent her mother money to pay for hospital bills. Her mother volunteers her to work as a maid at the Jinnai (the guy's) house in return...

Love Celeb - I liked this better than Love Monster. Better smut than desire climax, but not as good drawings.

It's about a girl who's trying to become an idol. Her manager is willing to do whatever it takes to get her there and takes her to a place where you have sex with important members of the entertainment industry and in return, they make you famous/give you roles, etc...She meets the most important and influential member of all and his name's Gin, a silver haired player. He decides to make her famous, but in return, he can touch her, do what he wants with her, anywhere and anytime he chooses too, in return, he makes her very famous. Then...he starts falling for her...

Kaikan Phrase - pretty good...

It's about this girl who gets hit by a car and it turns out the owner of the car is an idol/singer that's very famous. When he finds the lyrics she wrote and was planning to enter it into a lyrics contest for the band Lucifer (which is his band), he calls her and asks if she would like to be the official lyric writer for the band. She agrees and to "inspire" her, he does sexual things to make her have desire and think of very dirty thoughts to put into her lyrics, saying that thoughts coming from a virgin are way more steamier and erotic.Then he starts to fall for her...

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