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What is this huge black spot on the walls and floors of the laundry room?
There's a huge black patch of 'something' on the wall and floor of the laundry room. How can I tell if it's left behind from water or if it's mold? I don't know if it's harmful because I sometimes walk in bare-feet in that room.
Also, the laundry room in my house is unfinished, so the yellow insulator things are showing, there are pipes and wires overhead, etc.
mold, dont hang clos there
How do I kill huge black ants in my house?
I have huge black ants in and around my house. They don't respond to the ant stuff I bought
And what type are they?
the best way to kill a ant - palm of your hand
What is this huge black wall-thing that you see in many cartoons/videos from before monkeys became humans?
So in some cartoons and videos on YouTube set in millions of years ago, before monkeys transformed into humans. And I saw this big huge wall thing and some monkeys came close to it. It looked nothing like just a block of black wall or something, and it was like something really important. So what I want to know is: what the hell it was and how was it important?
You mean the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey?
How do i get out a huge black ink spot out of jeans?
my daughter has a jean pocketbook and she left the top off of a black ink pen in it. now there are 2 huge spots and i can't get them out. any suggestions???
You can use rubbing alcohol, resolve carpet cleaner or goo gone. They will all work.
I recently went to Arizona and at night I found huge black beetles what are they?
They looked like huge black cockroaches with long antennas they had big pinchers and they fly. They are nocturnal and I could find them hanging and falling off palm trees. Can you tell me what they are??
check this site, this might be it
What kind of spider is huge, black and orange?
This is one of the scariest things I've ever experienced! My dog knocked over a bucket when I took him for a walk and out of it came two HUGE black and orange spiders. My dog killed one, and the other was caught by a police officer an hour later, but what are these called? So SCARY! Are these very poisonous?
Probably Tarantulas of some type.
Here are some pic's of them:…
Added: Sorry, forgot to say whether they are venomous or not. Some of them are quite venomous, but most of them won't have much effect on humans unless you are allergic to them.
What are the affects of a huge, black, bee sting?
I stepped on a nest and got stung 2 really bad spots and a ton of not so bad ones. My leg swelled up and it itches like crazy! Have you ever had a huge black bee sting you? What was it like? Is this just an allergic reaction? What can I do to help it? HOW DO I STOP ITCHING?
Oh!!. I am so sorry to hear that.. I do understand how you would be feeling coz i also have been stung be bees.... Please dont worry about it as the pain would surely subside as time passes by. For getting a solution to this you can go to the following link.
I found a hurt brown bird with white chest (spotted with brown) and striped black on its wings and huge bla?
I found a hurt brown bird with a white chest (spotted with brown on it) and striped black on its wings and huge black eyes. Any ideas what it might be? I saved it from a cat trying to eat it. :) thanks.
put up a picture. maybe a whippoorwill.
What do black huge thick clouds mean in my dream?
In my dream there where thick black clouds and then a huge sand storm?
Black could are usually associated with God hiding His face. When God hides His face, then it allows trouble to come into the lives of those who did not listen to Him or were not obedient. Sand storm represents a turbulent time to come in someone's life where they will experience a period of spiritual dryness. A lack of joy and peace.
How many gallons are those huge black trash bags?
i need to buy some of those giant black trash bags to store some stuff on.
i only need about 5 of them, but how do i know im getting the huge ones?
what are their gallons

also about how much are they?
and where to buy them. i have a walgreens and a cvs right next to me.
if not those somewhere else?
55 gallon Lawn and Leaf bags or the largest you can buy in drugstore

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