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Ladies, What can I do to look older?
So I'm 19, 5'5'' tall and 113 lb. I get carded to R movies, and I pay for under 13 at the musement parks. I'm in college and people still ask me what grade am I in. Between my 14 year old brother and I are hard to tell who is older. 15 and 16 years old boys have crushes on me. I LOOK TOOO YOUNG. I have a thin, soft dark hair color and am not planning to change it. I'm tan and not hairy at all. Small eyes, long lashes, medium size eyebrows, 32 B. I only wear makeup to cover up my pimples not so much into eyeliners and mascara, etc. Please tell me what I can do to look at least 18+ on my birthday in a week. What kind of a makeup do you think will work? If I make my eyebrows thiner do you think that will make a difference? Please give me any tips you can think of and I'll try to try them. Thanks
Oh honey. Why do you want to look older so much????Just be yourself and enjoy your age. You have your whole life ahead of you. Enjoy being young. Life goes by so fast. Don't rush and enjoy every moment. Being 19 is great. That's when you start dating and having serious relationships. I'd looove to be 19 again. It's the best time.
well, I'm a 17 year old guy. This is about chest hair, so if your not interested, thanks anyways. Ok, I'm not monkey hairy (at least I don't think so). I got some chest hairs, and I got the line on my stomach, and just a bit of hair around it. I'm guessing I'll be kinda hairy when I grow older, so.... I'm just wondering. Is it better to remove it all with some kind of permanent treatment, or leave it?
I'm 16, And I can tell you, my Boyfriend has that.
I call it his snail trail to the treasure!

It's pretty sexy if you ask me.
Hairy Chests? Ladies what do you prefer none, some, or natural?
Looking in men's magazines you will see male models for whatever product usually showing no chest hair. Is it that common for guys to wax their chests (and backs for that matter) these days? I'm a little older (40ish) and I trim it, but is more appealing to have none at all?
Very common for guys to wax or shave it nowadays. I have always loved seeing and feeling a nicely developed chest on my man without any hair. It's hot
Do old ladies need to shave their legs and armpits?
So, My grandmothers are fairly old and I noticed they never have any leg hair. I was wondering if they shaved them, if it grows less, or if the stockings they wear cover up any traces of bodily hair i never look at their armpits but was wondering if they were hairy their too. All answers are greatly appreciated to help solve this modern day mystery.
No because eventually it will not matter any more to the Older Woman what her apperacne is and the hair will stop growing on legs is what ive been told
As a 24 year old hairy man, should I wax or shave body hair, and which areas do I need to do it to? ?
I have a hairy back, chest and legs, and am thinking of waxing or shaving. I seem to be the only person my age at the gym who isn't hairy! Do I need to wax/shave my legs and arms as well? Ladies opinions really appreciated!
I can only speak for myself personally:
Hair in the front of the body and arms/legs is OK. Trim it short. Don't let chest hair sprout out from a v-neck or open neck shirt.

Hair on the back, shoulders, back of the neck and butt - wax it. It gets less painful with time.

Also pay attention to ear and nose hair too, buy a trimmer.
where do u like your man 2 b hairy? if any at all? how old r u? is it tru that younger immature highschool girls find hair "yucky and gross" and older mature girls find it "manly and sexy"?
I like hair on my Fiance, down there (trimmed) , on his chest, and scruff on his face is also sexy. Just not to much or for to long. I think its manly and sexy. I am almost 21 in March and My Fiance will be 23 March.
Ladies: Hairy or hairless guys?
Please tell me your age and whether you prefer a guy with a hairy or hairless body?

It's metro sexual vs. old school.
not completly hairless but too much hair is gross and wilderbeast like.
Ladies: Hairy hands? What do you think?
I'm 21 years old and I have hair on my hands, knuckles, etc. Should I shave them. They are not covered with thick hair, but the hair is noticeable, and it might not feel right to a woman.
If it doesnt bother you, I wouldnt do anything about it. From a female perspective though, it really depends on how much hair there is. And lets face it, every man has hair so if someone's caught up on how you have hair on your hands, they need to get over it!
Ladies : How old were u when you started to shave your legs?
My mom will not let me shave my legs and they are soooooo hairy
so i am doing a survey when did you start to shave ur legs.....I am 11 isnt that old enough
well, i was 12, but it depends on your hair color kinda. cuz if your dark haired it will grow back darker and more noticeable...but if your blonde like me, there's really no need to shave till maybe 7th grade. (13 yrs.)
Is my story good? In the letter, the mistakes are 'crossed out'!!?
It was an impulsion; it was like something I couldn’t control. I don’t know why I did it; we had a fair amount of money. I didn’t need to take things. But I did and I don’t know why.
As I ran out of the store and into the streets, I felt the weight of the tiny digital camera in my pocket, suddenly weighing one hundred pounds. They probably have tons more in the back, right? I thought reassuringly. There was the sound of the alarms and the familiar, “STOP, THIEF!” I knew I should stop but, if I stopped I’d get caught, and if I got caught, they’d call the police, and if they called the police they’d say, “Well, Camille Bailey, what a surprise.” And then my mother would find out and it’d be the end of the world. So, I had to keep running.
As I rounded the corner at the end of the road, it hit me like a wave-no, a tsunami. I was going to get caught and then go to jail. I’d be surrounded by a whole bunch of juvenile delinquents and they’d corner me and beat me up and then I’d get stuck in the kitchen with a couple of hairy old ladies, in their fifties, serving up chili. I just had to keep running!
I turned the next corner and couldn’t see the end of the street. That was a good sign, no dead end. I ran, and panted, and heaved, and huffed but I kept going. Remember what Coach told you, I reminded myself, concentrate on your breathing.
Oh, no! A dead end! I sguyded to a stop and, sure enough, those two cops were right on my tail. I jumped over the cliff (it wasn’t very high up) but it was a foggy day and I couldn’t see what was below. Down and down I went until I thought I couldn’t drop any farther but I was wrong. I dropped for what felt like an eternity but was really only about 1.5 seconds. As I fell back to the earth with a thud, I noticed an extremely foul smell. It was like a dog-poo waste land but instead, it was a big, murky, muddy pond.
The officers hopped off the ‘cliff’ and the larger of the two said, “Well, Camille isn’t it great to see you again. I was starting to think I wouldn’t.”
“Where would you get such a silly idea?” I asked sarcastically. The smaller cop grabbed my shoulder and dug his abnormally long nails into it. The other one took my wrists and forced them into the tight, cold metal of the handcuffs.
“All right, you know the drill, Camille. Let’s go.” The ‘drill’ was; he was going to get in the car and call my mom. (My dad was in Afghanistan fighting the war) After that he would take me around town and try to scare me into not stealing again. Thirdly, he would make me write an apology letter to the store and make me personally give back the thing I took. Finally, he would take me home for yet another one of my mom’s ‘little discussions’.
“Hello, Mrs. Bailey?” I could hear the muffled yes this is she on the other end of the phone.
“This is Sergeant Mike Robertson. I have your daughter here. She was caught walking –running, actually-out of Electronasaurus with the police scanners sounding and a digital camera in her pocket.”
“WHAT?!” the muffled voice was louder now; “She did it again? What is wrong with that girl? I-”
“Ma’am, please. We’ve got it under control. We’re going through the usual drill.” I don’t know why he still thought that would work.
“Okay…Okay. Bye now,” Sergeant Robertson answered a question I didn’t hear, “here’s the paper and a pen. Start writing Camille.”
I wrote my letter like a good girl because I was in enough trouble as it is but was so distracted I’d be surprised if they could tell it was an apology letter.

Dear Elictronasoris Electronasaurus people,
I am so sorry for taking your stu
Don’t worry, I’ll never do it agai
I am deeply sorry for taking stealing your camera. I promise you will not have any problems with me again. I am taking my consequences and accepting that with crime, there comes punishment.
Sinseerily Sincerely,
Camille Bailey

“I’m finished, Mike!” I said.
“It’s Sergeant Robertson and, okay, hand it up,” He took the sheet, “What is this! It’s awful!” He all but screamed in my face.
“Sorry,” I muttered.
I was saved by the bell because we just pulled into the parking lot of Electronosaurus. Luckily I didn’t have to rewrite my letter. I swear, sometimes that guy acted more like my father than a police officer who arrests me once a week.
“Now walk in and hand them the note like the good little girl who is deep, deep, deep, deep-”
“I get it, okay? I’m a really bad person; I need to change, blah, blah, blah! I’ve heard it all before!” I interrupted.
I slumped out of the car and over to the entrance of Electronosaurus. The automatic door slid open, letting out a much appreciated gust of cool air into the 30 degree weather. I walked in and asked the man in the front for the manager, “Yeah, just a sec.” He called the manager to Customer Service and I walked over to it. As I approached the counter, a slightly large man with a tight fitting suit and tie and a scowl on his face was waiting.
“So, you decided to c
I liked it, but it still needs some work, but thats my opinion! don't like some books that my friends like so, yeah......

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