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Swear Im not a Troll, this question is serious! Lady's do you prefer shaved or hairy natural balls?
Swear Im not a Troll, this question is serious! Lady's do you prefer shaved or hairy natural balls?
shaved definatlyy
my gf loves themm she nibbles on them

soo cool

best anwer please
Do you think that our patriot Greek player Samaras look as a hairy lady?
xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa, Samaras poystis, aporrofa to peos
ooohhhhh.....i detect a little bit of jealousy here. you wish you could look that good.

your jealousy does not affect him one little bit. but it's eating you alive, isn't it......

find a hobby and you won't have so much free time to think about your miserable life.
Anyone see F*** off I'm Hairy? It featured one lady that has to shave throughout the day.?
Then they modelled hairy ladies on the catwalk.
So - Hairy or No?
I saw that. It was a bit bizarre. I've got to shave twice a day but I'm a bloke. I used to wonder what a hairy women would be like. The older I've got the less attractive I'm finding it. I don't mind a little bit of hair on the arms, lots of girls have that but hairy legs and a beard is a bit of a no-go. So I suppose I've got to say no.
The lady who waxes my eyebrows keeps calling me hairy and points out all of hair on my body! Why?
It's like she likes to point out all of my imperfections!
she wants your money
she points out your hairy spots so that she can get you to feel bad and want to spend more money and wax it all off

its all business
What was the name of that guyrens TV series where a lady wearing big specs transforms into a hairy creature?
I think it was CBBC..
Someone must know!

Thanks in advance!
Julia Jeckyll & Harriet Hyde?
Am a lady with hairy body,is ther a way to get rid of the hair for good?
am tired of shaving my legs and hands time and again so i would like to get rid of my hairy body once and for all
..i have heard of laser treatment. do google it and see how that works.
Will any lady settle for a really hairy guy?
If YES then why would she??
Although i hardly think any lady will do that thing being a really hairy guy myself feel i have no destiny with the ladies......they themselves are soo nice looks wise and nice smooth skin....there are loads of lil hairy guys why would a gal be with me.
Like i have very hairy legs thighs arms which some going upto shoulders chiest stomach.Its gross na!??
Wax body??
Don't waste your will be really itchy when it grows back and look so obvious.
Some women do like body hair and don't find it gross so please don't worry about it.
The fact you are self-conscious about it would be endearing to women.It is usually us who have to worry about body hair problems, not men!x
That one hairy lady?
Why is it that some women have excessively hairy stomachs? (Not only stomachs but arms, legs, faces, etc.) What causes that and what are treatments for women wishing to rid of their hairiness?
To each their own!
How do I tell a lady at work that she needs to wax her mustache because it looks like she has a brown hairy?
anus on her face?
don't tell her, it's her business. it's rude to point out people's flaws.
Im desperately seeking a nice lady that has a very hairy body?
im a tall, attractive, 35 y/o professional resident in london uk.
im searching for my soul mate....she has to be kind, caring and ready for a long term relationship.
I am particularly attracted to women of mediteraenean background that have a lot of dark body hair.
can anyone direct me to any good dating sites.
or are there any single women of this description..resident in london... on yahoo answers
Your question is inspirational in that it once again proves there is truly someone out there for everyone. Without a doubt there are hairy women in search of a mate and you're bound to make her one very happy hairy girl.

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