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Why are teens more attracted to their own age group nude?
Why are teenagers get really horny when they see their own age group nude or doing something to themselves?
Well, it's someone their own age. Why wouldn't you. Especially if puberty is there, with the hormones and things like that. We get turned on by that.
Could you pick your husband out simply by "feeling your way" through a group of nude men while blindfolded?
Men, you can answer too. Just switch the group of nude men for women.
What woman hasn't had to feel out her husband in the midst of many nude men while being blindfolded?
I actually have done this (blindfolded) but the men weren't nude :( Then once they were all nude..but I wasn't married OR blindfolded.
Now I can't remember what the initial Q was. My mind is wandering.
Should I tell my wife that I want to join a nude men's yoga group?
I have been interested in learning about the benefits of practicing nude yoga. I have been practicing it at home in the nude for a year now. On line I have read about nude yoga groups practicing in a heated room and I would like to do it. These groups are generally filled with men. I'm not sure if I should give my wife all the details of what I want to do. I'm not gay. But I like the idea of being nude with other men.
I personally would LMAO if hubby told me he wanted to do that. The thought of having flapping penises all over the place while "stretching" is hilarious and gross all at once.

To each his own, i guess. Honesty is best in most cases but you may want to keep this one to yourself...
Would if bother you if your bf/gf went nude hiking in the woods with a group of people you don't know?
Hi guys and girls. I got a question. Would it bother you if your long term committed gf or bf went hiking in the nude in the woods with a group of people you don't know and you only found out later through another source? What if he knew you'd feel very uncomfortable about it? Would it bother you? If so, why? And what would you do about it? Please let me know.
Definetly this will bother me but I would work on it to find out why my partner did not tell me? Is he/she a nudist and I am not accepting it? Could I open my mind and go with him/her on any of these trips and I don't have to be nude? Could we discuss the issue and not make a drama over it but resolve the issue?

I guess you are anti-nudism and he is a nudist. If this is the case try and accept him for who he is and if you are worried about the trips the saying says "If you can't beat them join them" and being a nudist you don't have to be naked unless you are happy about it :)
What age group are most people at nude beaches?
im a teen and i am going to a nude beach and i was just wondering if i would be the only teen their with a bunch of old guys so if anybody knows, tell me. Also how much fun is it to go to an nude beach and what is their to do their besides swim?
20's and up for the most part. You will find more younger people at a nude beach than at a nudist resort, because the beaches are free. Proximity of a college will often have a lot to do with the age at a given beach.

What to do? Depends on the beach. The one we go to usually get a frisbee football game going, or there's exploring tide pools, relaxing with a book, chatting with others.
Ideas on why people voluntarily choose to pose nude in group shots for photos by Spencer Tunick???
I just happened to see this picture with all of these nude people posing in front of a glacier to call attention to global warming:…

Also, I know that this photographer has been able to very easily get huge crowds of people to willingly and voluntarily take off their clothes amongst each other for photos in various locales. My question is why???? And I guess I have to ask, would you be willing to do this???? If so, WHY???? (I just can't imagine doing this. I really can't.)
They think it is very liberating. what he is doing is art and it is not vulgar or disgusting, it is actually quite beautiful if you look at it like a a piece of art. I watched a documentary on it and the people who participate in the photographs love it because nobody is being judged or stared at.
Nude photos were posted of me in a yahoo group that I didn't even know were taken. How can I get them removed
I haven't even been able to see the pics because I can't join the group right now. So the "new yahoo appointed" moderator says. She is trying to get me to send a nude photo of myself with the colors inversed (which can just be inversed again back to the original) to somehow stop a hacker from intercepting the photo that she wants to use for body matching. I think that is a load of crap but I dont know much about that kind of stuff. Apparently whoever posted the pics also posted them on a pay website. When they posted the pics in the group, they have the site's logo on them. I don't know what to do. I need to know if I am being played or this pam_willis_48 is really someone working for yahoo or what. How can I get these photos removed and do I have any legal rights to bring a case against whomever it was that posted the photos in the first place? Is there any way I can find out who posted the pics? Please help me. How do I best get a hold of yahoo to find out about this person?
I would contact Yahoo Groups Customer Support if I were you. Describe to them everything you did to us, and give them the name of the Group in question. See…
What are the benefits of nude yoga.?
I enjoy yoga very much and I have heard much about group nude yoga. What are the benefits and is this a legitimate form or practice? I have my doubts. If so how do you locate groups?
I'll try to be serious.

I do yoga as well as basic stretch & tone exercises often in the nude. I do these at home usually and outside if it is warm enough. I sleep nude and I do my exercises as soon as I get up. I live alone and I didn't see the point of dressing only to have to get undressed 30 minutes later to shower. In the summer I usually follow up my yoga with a swim. I live on a lake and I have no neighbors, so nude yoga is usually followed by a nude swim.

As far as movement and positioning, there is no real difference between being nude or clothed. My sister has tried it with me as well and has come to the same conclusion. She works at a spa and does clothed yoga with her instructor friends. There is something neat about doing yoga outside in the nude. The sun, breeze, and ground all feel great against your skin. I've done nude yoga with a mixed group of nudists once. There were no boners either.

I looked nude yoga up online once. The yoga groups I found looked like meet-up places for gay men. One site I saw all women, but it was obviously staged and inteded for eroticism as the women were first shown clothed, then topless, and the finally nude.
Why would a music group use a photo of a nude guy on their album?
and then the article on wikipedia with this photo was blocked in uk.…

is this some sick band?
Hm, I wonder what band it was.

Well, symbolism can be found everywhere. Perhaps they were trying to make a point. For example, the Scorpion's Virgin Killer album cover:…
That makes a pretty damn loud point if you ask me. (Also, the female is of age in that picture, merely young-looking).

Or they could be one of those stupid bands that do crap like that just for the shock factor to keep relevant. Who knows.

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