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In the movie proposal how is granny so healthy?
so i just watched the proposal for the 2nd time in like 2 weeks! it has got to be one of the funniest and cutest movies ever! but what i dont understand is how is granny so healthy and fit even at 90 years old?!?!? that is not possible! i think that is one part of the movie that they went wrong it. it doesnt make any sense. care to explain this to me?
ME 2!!! i saw it 2 times's like the cutest movie ever...!!! i dnt thin that gram is acually 90 yrs old. shes 87 in real life. some people are just healthy like that.i wish we were as fortunate and healthy as her. you can read more about betty white here:
What's that movie where the dad dresses in a granny outfit to see his guys more?
omg for some reason i cant remember this movie!! but yea he wants to see his two guys more and he dresses up as a granny and he babysit the guys and the mom is divorced and dating. The dad works in a guy show???
Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

He has 3 guys.
What is the name of the Korea's movie abt a granny & her grandguy?
A very touching story,the very old grandmum take care her grandguy during the school holiday.I want let my son see it because he is very rude to his grandmum.
The Way Home (2002)

Seven-year-old Sang-woo is left with his grandmother in a remote village while his mother looks for work. Born and raised in the city, Sang-woo quickly comes into conflict with his old-fashioned grandmother and his new rural surroundings. Disrespectful and selfish, Sang-woo lashes out in anger, perceiving that he has been abandoned. He trades his grandmother's only treasure for a video game; he throws his food and he throws tantrums. When Sang-woo's mother finds work and finally returns for him, Sang-woo has become a different boy. Through his grandmother's boundless patience and devotion, he learns to embrace empathy, humility and the importance of family.
How do I get bad language off dvd movies?
I do not care if people want to hear bad language or nudity in movies. I am not to judge. However, just as they can watch a good movie, why can't I watch the same movie without bad language? It does not make sense.More dvd's would be sold if there were language and nudity blockers so why is there so much offence? This was asked before. I still cannot find what I am looking for, can you tell me how to block bad language and nudity? Even removing bad language is ok. Granny shouldn't see nudity, you know what happens to her and it aint pretty. Be fun and nice.
Well, here's a couple sites where you can buy family-friendly dvds with language, nudity, and violence removed.
I've personally never used these sites, but they look like what you're looking for.
Whats the comparison between "the jilting of granny weatherall" movie and short story?
ive read the short story but have not seen the movie. whats the difference? also is there a website that has a good comparison of the two??
Try these links, they should be able to assist in any question you could conceivably ask :
Where can I find crochet patterns for any granny squares or afghans related to Alice In Wonderland?
I am looking for granny square or afghan patterns to crochet that have anything to do with the new Alice In Wonderland movie. I would also like to find crochet patterns for the card suits, whether or not they are just granny squares does not matter. Thank you!
I have not seen any patterns or kits for this (Annie's Attic is a source for kits)
I can suggest ways to create a unique granny afghan on this theme.

Card suits in filet crochet: ($6 for this pattern = not my site)…

These sites have lots of free pattens
So, here are my suggestions:
If you have ever tried filet crochet, you know how easy it is to take ANY design, lay a piece of netting over it and then use that to make a design on a piece of graph paper.
I have done pictures, letters, numbers... All it takes is a bit of patience- which most crocheters seem to have.
It can be fun to do a filet center and a solid border for each granny square. I would make each square different and use a checkerboard granny between the picture squares.
For pictures heart, club, spade, diamond, TweedleDee and TweedleDum, the smile of the Cheshire cat, Alice (in outline) in her blue dress, the looking glass, the rabbit hole and of course the rabbit, a Mad hat, the queen, tea cup, a hedgehog...
Wish this site let us sketch, but I think you can see where I am going with this.
What are some really scary movies that I can watch with my grandmother?
I'm 16 and I'm spending the weekend with my granny while she recuperates. It has to be like age appropriate! No scenes that would be awkward watching with my granny. Halloween scary though!
I say, go for the Classics:

The Exorcist
The Omen
Night of the Living Dead
Rosemary's Baby
What are the most sickening movies you've ever seen, or heard of?
My personal list.

Cannibal Holocaust.
The Human Centipede.
Freddy Got Fingered.

Heard of:
Poultrygeist: The Night of the Dead Chicken.
Rabid Grannies.

Oh, bonus question:
Does anybody know where to buy "Troma" movies on dvd?

You could try but I don't knwo why anyone would want to buy them since they are so terrible.
Where can I find "Cartoon Movies" for an active 3yr. old Free online?
I've downloaded several cartoon movies for my great grandson; however most of them have to be joined. I would like to download the movies that is already joined so that we enjoy watching them together for the time he is with his granny. Anyone know where we might find the cartoons online? We are seeking current full length cartoon movies not the 7 minutes series.
It would really make it easier for me, if people (not you specifically) started stating what they actually consider "free" I mean i know several methods but they don't exactly lie on the border of legality

Now i don't know which category you fall under but i will continue anyways.

option 1: Bittorent, if it exists on the internet, there will be some trace of it on torrent sites.

Go to this site -

Download and install the program, then you are ready to download torrents. I explain this way too much on here, so this time i will go ahead and assume you are intelligent enough to figure out how to download an actual torrent alone. (it's rather easy)

Anyway of the below sites will be good to search Mainstream films on.. Just keep in mind a torrent relies on seeders (people uploading the file) and leechers (ones who are downloading from them), If there is no seeders you will not be able to finish the file.

Option 2:…

I do not know if you are specifically looking for anime or cartoons, but this site has both. (though they would be under anime)

IF you do find a film on the site, you will not be able to download on them.

For that you will need to download them with an external program.

Real Player 11 is the simplest one. All you do is install real player 11, and you will be able to download streams right off websites with it. To enable it, find the desired stream, play it and a download button will pop up in the right hand corner of the video.

A better method however is an actual download manager designed for this.

I recommend either one of the below.

Orbital -

Internet download manager 5.17 -

Both do the exact same thing as real player (except real player can't break copyright laws).

Firefox and Internet explorer are the only real compatible browsers with this feature, so use them.

GOOD LUCK hope that helps.
Why do Tornados follow roads in movies - do they have Satnav?
also they always head for someone's favourite Granny too!! Any other earth shattering observations?
Its easier on the camera operators that way, and as for granny she has it coming, no one is that nice.

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