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Why would someone have gay sex in a college dorm (like that is a secret?) then kill them self when outed?
I don't get's okay to have gay sex in your mind but it has to be a huge secret, in your mind, so you do it in a college dorm room that you share with someone...??? duh!! Am I missing something?

Sounds like Darwin got another one...
Well for someone who watched tropic thunder I can understand why your dumb.

It was an invasion of privacy, the guy did nothing but keep to himself and asked his room mate to give him some privacy and the dink decided that since he was gay that it would be funny to video tape it and humiliate him. The guy and girl should both take some jail time.
What do you think about the suicide of the Rutgers college guy whose roomate webcast him having gay sex?
And the roomates GF. Do you think its a heinous crime worthy of imprisonment?
Tyler Clement obviously killed himself after he found out his privacy had been violated. I cannot imagine the embarssment he knew he was facing. This is 2010 the internet is everything. His gradmother would be emailed that by next week. Gay or straight it is a horrible thing to do to somebody. The fact that the roommate Dharun Ravi tweeted about he gay roommate doing "it" again does make it a hate crime if charges are officially filed.

As for the question i think yes, no of course they didnt push him off a bridge but they acted cruelly and they are the cause of his death. This is actually only one of the suicide victims and yes i say victims because they are who were either embaressed of bullied until they thinking they had no where to go and trusting no adults took their lives

Some guys broke an 11 year olds arm because he was a cheerleader and that is considered gay for a boy to do.

Then we have this nut job in my home state of Michigan stalking a student there because he wants seperate housing for students transitioning.

Ok sorry for the rant. Yes i think it is worthy of imprisonment no they did not expect him to die, a drunk driver does not expect to hit and kill someone but they still know drinking is a bad idea, i know this is different but really not really
20 year old college student and gay sex?
so im going to college and my roomate is gay. i didint know this untill he walked in the house last night and dropped his towel said he was bored and asked me to take my pants off. I laughed it off but he was totally serious. But i said ok fine i stripped and we started making out and then he pulled out a condom and put it on me with his teeth and said "what are you waiting for do it to me" but anyways this is pretty embarrising but then i thought whoa im not gay what am i doing and just stopped! i dont know whats going on cause he totally turned me on! and i really wanted to but didint!!! ugh so my question. is it possible to become gay? and what are some gay sex tips? thanks!! from a confused college student....
I don't think its possible to "become" gay. Sexuality and sexual preference is something that is determined before you're born. I think perhaps you might be curious. That's understandable, and only natural at your age and in your environment (college).

As for sex tips, if you want to engage in male-male sex, you're going to need lube. Condoms are also a good thing to have, unless you trust your partner and agree to do it without using them. There's a number of positions you can try - you can look them up online or read up on them in sex-themed books. Anal sex is 50% pleasure and 50% pain, and most people say it's more painful than pleasurable the first time. Just be safe, whatever you decide to do.
Would You Try Gay Sex in College?
I just hear a lot of stories about crazy nights in college!
You're only young and in college once. Might as well try everything so you get it all out of your system.
Why do so many older gay men over 30 pay for sex with young twinks and college students?
I know twinks who will have sex with "older" men to help pay for their beer, rent, or related living expenses.

Two questions:

1. Why do older men pay for young twinks and not get someone there own age?

2. Does that make the twink a prostitute, even though the twink is "selective"... and uses discretion in who they chose to have sex with?
1. The older guys are sometimes more attracted to younger males who they think would otherwise have little or no interest in them with out a little persuasion

2. The twink can very much be considered a prostitute/escort even though they're being selective b/c they are getting paid to have sex.
How do I ask my boyfriend about gay sex I found on his laptop?
Ok, so I'm a college student, and I often use my boyfriend's laptop to do papers. I've noticed that every time he lends it to me the history has been deleted. Well, one night I asked him can I use it and I guess he forgot to delete the history and I saw a lot of gay sex on his laptop. Should I confront him about this? If so, how should I go about doing it?
First off, why are you even looking at his history. That's kind of invasive of his privacy, regardless of whether he lets you use his laptop or not. If he deletes his history, maybe that's because he loans his computer to people, and doesn't want folks thinking things. Maybe he loaned it to a friend who likes gay porn. But that aside, you can always just ask him about it. Just say you saw it in his history. I'm guessing he'll ask the same thing I did initially.
If he's curious about intimacy with other men, then it doesn't mean you're a bad girlfriend. It can just mean he's looking to explore. That's a good thing, because it means he probably wants to explore his sexuality with you. If it involves another guy, that's not necessarily a bad thing. It only means he wants to try it.
But they've found that a lot of straight guys who are college aged get excited by gay porn. Porn itself is designed to be sexually stimulating to the mind, which is the biggest sex organ. So try and just recognize that gay porn has nothing to do with anything.
Is it ok to have gay sex with your doctor?
i just want to know because i really love my doctor and had him when i was 3 days old.....and when you are in college, can you have sex with your doctor during your yearly physical? How about if you ask him about it and he stimulates for you?
Absolutely not!

It completely violates medical ethics. Doctors do take codes of ethics ya know, as well as psychologists, healthcare personnel, teachers, lawyers, pretty much anyone that deals with providing services to people, especially within an intimate/confidential context.

Too much can go wrong, and it can become a conflict of interest, and then the person can come back and try to sue you later. It's realllllly not worth it.
College Freshman: I'm gay, had sex for the first time, and turned a guy straight. WTF?
So I meet this guy who turns out to be gay. He acts like he really likes me, way more than he should for someone who's known me for only a week. I hint that I'm not really ready for a big commitment, especially since he's totally unwilling to come out anytime soon.

Things move pretty quickly and we have sex. Shortly after that, he says he's not sure if this will work, but then he changes his mind and says he regrets saying that. The next day, he changes his mind again, asks me not to tell anyone, and is now "straight."

I have no problem with who I am and I'm thinking that maybe his problem is that he's still very confused about things. Am I right or did my first gay encounter end in humiliation?
You are right, he is obviously the confused one. He is all excited about exploring these things, but society tells him that it's not OK and that it makes him less of a man, so he's conflicted about it. Give him time, or just find someone who is more comfortable with themselves...

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