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Why the fuss over 6th formers + dating young teachers if consentual?
Many of my mates in mid to late teens and early twenties dated each other and were very happy for a while like anyone else and the girls was not being exploited or all innocent or any of that tripe and they are usually friends first so no preditory acts.

So can't see what the problem is other then say grading. Simply solution, someone else marks her work. Or swap classes.

Other then that if, it adheres to all the principles of a normal happy relationship.

ie consentual, caring, happy, in love etc etc... Everyone else should f off.

(this is if the girls(usually but would apply to guys) is in mid to late teens ie 15 1/2 upwards and the teacher is pretty well under 30.

Also taking into account the teachers relationship history...

Ie the tell girls anything to get in their knickers and get them drunk then dump them.

or simply always shy and no good with girls with no history of long term relationships and maybe less dates then the girl in question.
Many people, male/female (inc teenagers) often develop feelings for 'authority' figures and it is up to the 'authority' figures to be professional and to step back from a relationship.
From personal exp. as a 17 yr old seeing an older bloke 25 I thought I was so mature. now when I look back I see the relationship for what it was and I think that although I enjoyed it initially (until fell pregnant and he left), I was definitely 'coerced' by him. Why would a man want to go out with a 'guy'? And I am sorry but at 17 you still ARE a guy, you might think acting like an adult, doing adult things makes you an adult, IT DOESN'T, life experience/time makes you a grown up.
If a 6th former/teacher want a relationship all they have to do is wait until the pupil finishes school, if teacher cant wait then I'd question their real motives.
Teens : Do I have a right to be mad?
I think I've asked a question about this before but, I found out a bit more about what she's thinking.

My "bestfriend" asked me to go to the mall with her, I found out that she just wanted something to tell her mom so that she'd be allowed, so after a while her bf could come and she could like ditch me. I said no. Her mom doesn't want her to go out with him because he is a year older, he drinks, and because his grandfather was the principal of some school that she went to, and it was revealed that he was exploiting the female students.

Anyways, she's pissed off with me now, I mean, it was okay the first two times, but now it's out of hand, I feel so used, and she's acting like it's all my fault she can't see her boyfriend, and that i'm the one being b*tchy.

I'm soo pissed off.
Btw she's thirteen, turning fourteen in January.
You have a right to be mad. And if she's only 13, and she's putting boys before friends, then she has a lot to learn haha.
Who would join me in proposing a law making it illegal for minors to have sex?
Fines and penalties would be enforced just like age drinking. I was on the dating and relationship section and there were so many teens bragging about sexual exploits or pregnant. Some of them were not even old enough to drive. We are paying for the lack of morality.
is this BRISTOL PALIN...
Teen girls today having sex this is a serious problem and with older men how can we fix this?
I was born in 1940 I will turn 70 this year in August.I grew up in the Segregated South in Georgia,I went to all black schools until 1954 when they started desegregating schools.When I was a teenager teens were not having sex and if they did it would usually be with a teen female and an older man cause I had a friend who told me when she was 19 she had sex with a 25 year old back then the legal age was 21 so yes she was a "minor" Also I had sex when I was 18.But in today's society I hear girls as young as 13 having sex with older guys and getting pregnant and I think that we should raise the age to consent sex really to the age to be considered an Adult which is 18 despite you cant drink which is stupid.When I was 13 you were considered a baby and guys didn't really start dating till the age of 17.Maybe if we raise the age of Adulthood to 21 again that will stop grown men from chasing after aged minors.The law is not doing much to protect young girls they just wanna exploit 18 year olds and its very sick and disgusting?
Wow, 70 and using a computer- you're awesome! (I don't mean that an offensive way, I really do think that's cool!)

I see exactly where you're getting at with wanting the law changed but unfortunately, it probably won't do much at all. Teenagers think they know what's right all the time, so raising the law is not going to change the way that they act. The media and society just oversexualise everything nowadays, and I really don't see a change any time in the near future. Teen girls are growing breasts, getting their periods and considering themselves mature much sooner now, so sexual interest in them by others is happening sooner too. Even if the legal age to have sex was raised, it would probably only deter old men fresh out of prison on good behaviour, that went there because of sex crimes in the first place. And they're not trying to protect other people or abide by the law, they just don't want to go back inside. Raising the legal age for sex is kind of like communism. It's a good idea on paper, but in practice it really won't work ):
Hi need help for my mental problem:?
I have a problem where I have these routines that i get into ,but when i do something outside of these routines i get depressed (the length and severity depends on what i did,sometimes there is no depression but that depends on what i did). Like if i want a lunch or to buy something or post on a message board, or take a walk i can't because it's not in my routine. This problem started in march 2007. I had a routine where i would read the bible all day (except when i went to church and my church group and when i took walks and went to the store/to theme parks). If i broke this routine i would get depressed (severity and length varied depending on what i did) Gradually more and more things that i wanted to do were taken out of my routine (like having snacks/drinking soda/taking walks) i fought to keep my church group and eating dinner and going to theme parks to stay in my routine. Later that year i had enough i rebeled against it. I purposely did things outside of this routine to an extent .However there were still limits and when i broke these limits , i would get depressed again like before.I went to a shrink for help with this in early 2008.I was told it was OCD (which i was diagnosed with when i was a guy-teen),and i was put on pexeva. On pexeva i did things i wanted to do (hoping that the pexeva would allow me to do it) however again there were limits on what i could do and not do (ie my mind would make new routines based on the new things that i was doing,same problem different settings ie instead of reading the bible,i would be online all day) and that is where i am now.I went off the pexeva in summer 2008.Like then, whatever routine i am in ,if i do something outside of that routine ,i get depressed (severity and length depending on what i did ,sometimes i can get away with it but not always). I have a little more freedom now but there is still things that i can't do (i still am stuck in these routines). I never had this mental problem pre march 2007. I used to be the opposite I used to do what i wanted and i was happy. I want to be able to do what i want without having to stick to a routine (like i used to be)

Here are some reasons my mind tells me not to do things (though my mind most of the time doesnt give a reason to not do things)

if i buy a snack at the store, i won't have money for a trip.

i like listening to music, so if i eat a snack,i won't get into the music like i would have if i didn't eat it

if i listen to music now,i won't enjoy the same song when i listen to it in the future (because my mind will be sick of it)

My mind also exploits the butterfly effect (everything i do i think 'well if i do this then this will or wont happen because of it' and that is another reason.
When you have these thoughts, think differently. For example, taking a walk is good for you, it is healthy and promotes longevity. If you walk in a park it is a double bonus because you can enjoy God's creation. Breaking a sedentary routine is good for you. Thank Him for everything, because He provides for everything. When you feel yourself getting depressed because you broke routine, praise and thank God for providing whatever it is you did or had that broke your routine.

See a counselor. A psychiatrist only administers meds and may speak to you about 15 minutes every month or so, but a counselor or therapist will see you every week.

Good luck, God Bless and Merry Christmas.

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