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Snorkelling Lundy Island Devon UK - Wetsuit advice?
Hi me and my partner are off to lundy island off the coast of North Devon for the 3rd week in august to go swimming/snorkelling with seals! We currently have 2mm shorty wetsuits with rash guards. Do you think these will be warm enough for bobbing around on the surfice for a while? We havent done snorkelling in the UK before so wondered if we could be hardcore with the suits we have already?!! Thanks
Well, I think you would be fine, August is pretty much when the water is warmest, I havent swam/dived in the UK, but I actually live directly across the pond in PEI, the weather conditions are close to the same, might rain less here i dunno.

You should wear a weight belt, and a snorkelling vest, so that you can sink, and float when you need to.
Devon from neds declasified Vs Jason dolly who would win this boxing match?
I think devon would work Jason over hardcore what do you think. I think he would go for Jasons body alot and work him over hard GRUNT body shot. LOL
well i think that jason is bigger and will take the lead but maybe devon but my moneys on whos bigger and can take the lead and finsh it faster and hell go 4 the sides and just work him up but no matter what devon will be hot and jason
Is it difficult to find a job with Energy Management?
I am a 2nd semester sophomore at the University of Oklahoma. My current overall GPA is a 2.98 right now but its about to go up after this semester(16 hours, making only 1 B).

I was wondering how difficult is it to get a job with this degree coming out of college? Do companies like Devon Energy, XTO, and Exxon Mobile look at your GPA hardcore or do they look strictly on experience?
GPA can be important if you have nothing else going on. You should do some projects or work and highlight this experience in your resume - They can be tied to the school and/or industry, but it should be related to skills you want to demonstrate.

The matter of GPA dissolves quickly when you have solid experience. You only put it on your resume, for example, if it's something to brag about.

Get affiliated with some societies or other industry groups that align yourself with your career path. You can even ask to participate in a project, event, publication or poster that relates to that group or more broadly: the field.

Try to get some internships - Usually you start that during/after winter break to prepare for the coming summer.

Call and/or write letters to people in the field - You can network with family/friends/alumni/professors to help get you in touch with people.

Contact industry specific recruiters, and ask them for guidance - Be very polite, and persistant. Basically, you don't make them any money today, but they can at least give you some names and/or ideas. It's usually best if you can get referred to someone like this.

Go to career fairs; attend conferences, and get business cards. Build your network and follow up with people periodically.

Of course, the career counselors at your school should help, but don't rely too heavily on them - they are usually their to guide you. You have to do the work.

Good luck!
Who would win in a ultimate hardcore match?(you can only win when every body is eliminated by pin.?
Abyss/sabu/rvd/sandman/tommy/dreamer/edg… morre/jeff hardy/mick folley/cena/jehrico/mike knox/richards/bogyman/hardcore holly/HHH/bautista/kane/undertaker/great kali/ mark henry/big daddy v/rey/punk/shelton/devon/bubba ray/blak rain/deviine/kaz/relik/somoa joe/dutt/sabin/shelly/petey williams/aj styles/sting/ryno/funk/
Terry Funk. He specializes in hardcore insane matches.
Who would win these hardcore matches?
necro butcher vs triple h vs samoa joe
tazz vs kaz
tazz vs austin aries
necro butcher vs jbl
jbl vs tomko vs new jack
jimmy wang yang vs aj styles vs joker
joker vs aj styles
chris cash vs tommy dreamer vs wife beater
meng vs the rock vs devon
hogan would give all of them a big foot and leg drop
What you think of my HardCORE Justice match card?
Tables Match
1.Brother Ray vs Brother Devon with special guest refferee Brother Runt

Raven's House Of Fun Match
2.Raven vs Lance Storm

Extreme 4 Way Dance
3.Tommy Dreamer vs Rhino vs Al Snow vs Simond Diamond

Normal Match
4.Axl Rotten vs Justin Credible

Barbed Wire Massacare
5.Mick Foley vs Sabu

Normal Match
6.Shane Douglas vs Taz

Singapore Cane On A Pole Match
7.The Sandman vs New Jack

Tables,Ladders and Chairs Match (end in pinfall or submission)
8.Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn
If most of these guys were in their prime then this would be one hell of a card but if most of these matches were to happen today especially Lynn RVD the card wouldn't be half bad 10/10 if this was the early 90's 6/10 today
Who was your favorate tag team in the attitude era?
Mine was the Dudleys boys As you had to love them as heels and faces, they also had decent mat wrestling skills and were skilled at hardcore style matches let alone being the masters of the table matches "Devon get the table!!!!!" so what was your favorite tag team in that gracious era and why did you like them ?
New Age Outlaws.
They were the hottest team all through that era and had excellent chemistry and great team work. They had the full package.
They won their matches in different ways and were extremely versatile and very entertaining.
They were the life of DX.
Anywhere to get Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES) in the United Kingdom (Plymouth to be precise)?
Hey, I'm a hardcore Nintendo fan but don't feel it because I'm missing an NES in my console collection. I live in Devon (Plymouth to be exact) and I can't find anywhere to buy classic games and consoles in Plymouth. Does anyone know anywhere to get one? I'm trying to avoid buying one on eBay because I don't trust paypal.
Try eBay. Game stores are also selling new platforms that support the old systems. I have one that supports NES and SNES games. Look them up on eBay and then go to your local gaming stores. There are some sellers on eBay that will sell NES systems or the new ones (mine is called a Retro Duo) that don't require payment by PayPal only. I paid for mine with a Money Order. You could also do an international Money Order or cashier's check.
BWF Brutal wrestling fantasty episode 3 WQ inside?
vote who wins and rate the show

Dark match Kung fu naki vs. shanon moore

Promo 1 Jim ross anounces that tonight it will be HBK and cena vs. Rated RKo in a table and at Hard punishment it will be Edge vs. HBK
he also announces that at hard punishment womens title Beth Phoenex vs. the returning China

match 1 Hardcore Brother Devon vs. Miz vs. Rey Mysterio

match 2 Matt Hardy and Undertaker vs. Mr. Kenned and Booker T

promo 2 MVP comes out and challenges Jericho to a Falls count anywhere match at Hard punishment. Jim ross comes out and syas that will happend but also says exit the ring MVP Jericho has a match

match 3 Chris Jericho vs. JBL (MVP at ring side)

match 4 winner gets a BWF contract R-truth vs. Benjamen

promo 3 Orton and cena are backstage and have a big argument

match 5 Jimmy wang yang vs. Evan bourne

match 6 Table Cena HBK vs. Orton Edge

vote for who wins and rate

WQ who will beat Benjamen for the USA title
Kung Fu Naki


Matt and Taker

Jericho-MVP gets a chair and attacks jericho


Evan Bourne

Rated RKO

nice show 8.0/10

WQ- i think Benjamin will loose to
MR. Kenedy!!!!!! ........................................…
what ecw do everyone prefer? These days with Jack Swagger, Paul Berchill, Mark Henry, Christian, Miz, Morrison, Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd, Dj Gabriel, Finlay, Ortiz....OR the days of...tommy dreamer (i no he is still there), Sandman, RVD, Sabu, Terry Funk, Tazz, CM Punk, Dudleys (spike, buba and Devon), Kevin Thorn, Marcus Cor Von, Hardcore Holly!

The current ECW is a great breeding ground: it worked wonders for CM Punk, and is working for Jack Swagger. I liked the original ECW, but it wouldn't work in this era, and I don't like living in the past. The current ECW is basically like airing a better FCW on a bigger scale.

P.S. They should rename ECW, maybe to "Entertainment Championship Wrestling", because it's no longer "extreme". Raw and Smackdown are more violent than the supposed land of violence.

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