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Writing help Describing peoples?
How do you explain her? If she cam into the cheer tryouts and writing a book this is her but how'd you say her?

Name: Ezmirelda Baultiosta
Eyes: Green Mexican
Walks: uncoordinated
Hair: pigtails short black
Body: Tall Tall Skinny Flat chested
Skin: Mexican (tanned) freckleless pasty

She is wearing
a blue EXPENSIVE tank top
Black booty shorts that in sequin says ESB
-Okay, this is just a really stupid example, but I am just trying to give you an example.

"Did you hear about the new hopeful all of the guys are talking about?" Jan grunted, streaching out her hamstrings against the brick wall.

Leah rolled her eyes. "Of course, the idiot in the expensive blue tank top that she couldn't fill out in ten years?"

Jan leaned against the wall. "Speaking of an idiot, here she comes: ugly Ezmirelda Baultiosta."

Ezmirelda, her face flushed, jogged by with a uncordinated pace. Her thin black hair was tied up in clownish pig tails. Her Hispanic skin wasn't the pretty tan of all the Mexican girls in Budlight beer posters in the Mexican resturant; it was pasty and white, smooth and clean of amy freckles. She was was thin and tall, "willowy" according to the drama teacher.

"Ugh, I think I'm going to puke." Jan made a face and looked away. She was wear trashy black booty shorts which on the butt said "ESB" in sparkly sequins.

"I wish she never thought of trying out."

- There is a really bad attempt, but I hope it can help in your writing.
What top 15 rap songs get you pumped up like before a game or when you're working out?
My list

1.Second Coming-Juelz Santana
2.Dipset-Juelz Santana
3.Get crunk Shorty-Nick Cannon
5.Blaze a 50-Nas
6.Mic Check-Juelz Santana
7.Brooklyn's Finest-Biggie & Jay-Z
8.Sex Love & Money-Mos Def
9.Mathematics-Mos Def
10.Go Dumb-The Federation
11.Booty Bounce Bopper-The Pack
12.Dipset Anthem-The Diplomats
13.Get 'Em Daddy-Cam'Ron
14.Watcher 2-Jay-Z
15.Let's Get it Started-Black Eyed Peas
1) Tootsie Roll (REMIX) - 69boyz
2) We Take it Over - DJ Khlaed, Akon, TI...
3) That Go - Keak Da Sneak
4) Oxycotton - Lil Wyte
5) One Hitta Quitta - three 6 Mafia ft Lil Wyte
6) Cali Hustle - Mac Mall
7) Ballin - Jim Jones
8) WHoomp There it is - Tag Team
9) Mr. Jones - Mike Jones
10) Ghost Ride It - Mistah Fab
11) Einstein - Tehc N9ne
12) The Beast - Tech N9ne ( ON MADDEN)
13) Oh Go - The Pack
14) Bumpin My Music - Ray Cash ft Scarface
15) Push It - Rick Ross
My Boss:What is going on?
Here are the facts:
I work at a hotel behind a desk

I am a 37 yr old Tall Fat and balding black guy with a bump problem in the back of my head.

My Boss:
young under 25 short slim but fat booty white chick

My boss wear jeans low cut that shows the crack of her *** she does NOT wear underwear,she is always bending over around me,its cold in the hotel so I know when she bend over in front of me her fat booty is half way hanging out her jeans.

she does this often and I have even pulled out my camera and snapped pics of her and the shudder noise of the cam is loud and she pretends not to hear it.

what is going on?
She needs you man
Who is your favorite rapper ?
lil wayne lil keke lil jon lil romeo lil scrappy ace good masta ace 2 pac 50 cent the game curren$y black rob pastor troy birdman papoose cormega lil chcky gucci mane bone crusher MAIN FLOW WILLIE THE KID plies chipmunk skull gang da shop boyz Ruc DMC juelz santana snoop dogg pleasure p jay delano JD era jazy jeff fresh prince 47 miller gang afroman akon huey b nezha focus chino xl baatin baby bash hurrican chris bashy big boi big daddu kane sean price bobby valentino booty bass bow wow boyz n da hoon brand nubian brisco yo gotti bun b busta rhymes cam'ron casley eazy-e fabolous j-squad tight eyes crank swuad coolio ice cube ice bergj.r writer j.reyez jadakiss jason derulo jay-z jayo felony G-unit jermaine dupri jibs chamilionairejim jones jt money juice juvenile kanue west p.diddy usher youn joc young jeezy ....ohhhh this is only 40% of my rappers :P
Is eminem on thissss.
m'ann i love eminemm ;)

Why do Racist Trolls have avatars?
Are u scared someone going to "booty clap" u and crush you if they recognizes your face....

No seriously if you feel your ideas are factual, why do u hide behind a cartoon. Or do you know u talk sh*t just cause your bored. We all know that the culture and race section is the hottest thing since studio 54. IF your real don't blush show your face.....

Do you not have a computer that is updated.....Web-Cam

Man is the only animal that blushes or needs too.
*Mark twain*

And this goes for everyone.......Let me point this out NOW!

Kiss*Kiss Black and gorgeous...don't hate
what is the point, it's yahoo not America where you spew out your freedom of speech.
If yahoo doesn't like it, it gets removed. I just find it amusing that people would give trolls a rather a great show and interest.

Their opinion is only important when you give it a value.

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