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Why do guys like girls with breast and big *** p.s im danas teen cuz?
y do guys like big breast and a big *** i dont see the point guys answer
For me it's more important for the girl to be more of an hour glass shape if you know what I mean by that. I suppose that's why guise like big boobs and a big but because those features help to bring out the hour glass shape. For me it's more about the relative size of those body parts than the actual size. The boobs combined and the but must be about the same with and the place in between the boobs and the but must be smaller than both of them. If the but is bigger than the breast and the place in between the breast and the but is wider than the with of both breast combined (as is often the case with obese women) then I'm not physically attracted to her. It's probably because those traits are an indicator of better genes to be carried onto the next generation.
(black girl teen) Don't fit into the black girl status with big boobs & ***!!??!?!?!?
I'm fifteen. I weigh 116 lbs 5'5. I never ever been fat. even if I don't excersise for months my stomach is flat. I don't have a big but. it's like a bump. lol. Like my best friend she has a curvy body. She's the same age as be. her boobs is like a d and i'm a b. She has way bigger *** than me. I always try to stay fit though but she doesn't and always have her curvy body.

I don't understand. how come there is rarely and skinny black girls. Sometimes I'm jealous cause my body isn't really curvy. Is skinny black girls sexy or not??
Im the same. About 114 lbs and 5`4.
And i never exersize! Did you know that Black females and Male mexicans are the most Obese race? Look it up! Its true!So i guess im lucky...
I`ll try my best to stay this way =_=`
Big *** problem with my bf :( HELP please?
me and my bf are going to have a baby(please no lectures of teen pregnancy) anyways..he wants me to move out with him already! right now at as im typing! he is totally mad at me because he thinks i hate him and blah blah blah...i told him that is not easy for me to just move out from my mom and my lil brother. he dont under stand that so wut can i do..and i strongly believe that he loves me but he has to give me some time at least! but he dont want to to..he wants everything his way
sorry but okay, any guy who thinks you hate him because you're not ready to move in with him pretty much SCREAMS 'i m m a t u r e .' so this just stresses why you're probably not ready to bring a baby into the the same time, there's really no point in lecturing you like some people are being tacky about, seeing that a baby's already been conceived...

i'd just say learn from your mistakes & you've already answered your own question;
if you're not ready to move in with him, you're not ready to move in with him. it's that simple.
if he doesn't get that, it's HIS problem. don't stress yourself out about it.
Is the big difference between teens now and when we were teens basically this?
With the advent of the internet, it is now possible to make an *** of oneself on a global scale?
Yes, and the electronic evidence will be there for posterity. Just think of the explaining they will have to do to their guyren and grandguyren.
At least they can start practicing explaining with future employers and such.
How do i get this guy to notice me?
theres this really hot guy at my school that i kinda like, i want him to notice me but im not exactly attractive, im tall and blond, but im an achene ridden teen with a big nose, a small waist but a big ***, :,( what should i do?
Just be yourself. It might sound cliche but that's all should do. Stop worrying about how you look and try to get to know him and get him to know you. If the two of you become friends and he gets to know you, he will start liking you and heck, he might be the one asking YOU out. Trust me, coming from a guy, we might go in for the looks but we stay for the personality.
What turns you on about a girl (for teen boys)?
Just wondering! like is it clothes, showing a lot of skin, big ****/***...etc.
I like a nice face, and a good personality..not overweight...the rest isn't that important to me.
Why do parents make a big deal about their teen daughter wearing a skirt, yet they let them wear thongs early?
I don't know about most parents, but in my eyes, a teenager shouldn't be wearing a thong. It's always funny to me when parents are like oh your not wearign that, but yet the girl is wearing some floss stuck up her ****. Which to me a thong, symbolizes sexuality. I don't know why you would want to wear something that is up your *** unless you want to show it off. Parents, do you let your daughter's wear em?
I probably would let my daughter wear them, starting around 16, like I did.

The reason I wore them was yes, to eliminate panty lines. And to the man who is trying to debate the validitiy of're not a female and therefore would not understand.

I think that as long as you keep them under your clothes (including when you bend over and sit down..nothing worse than seeing thongs hanging out of someone's jeans), there is nothing wrong with them.
Teen nights? But I can't dance?
There's this teen night on Saturday. I can't dance. I mean I dance but in my room. There's alot of grinding there and I don't know how to. I don't even have a big ***. Should I go? P.S I dont really like parties. I like hangin out and I like boys tho.
You can just hang out with your friends and slow dance the songs your comfortable. You should completely go dont be wasting your time at home when you can have FUN!!! :)
Big boyfriend Problems?
My dad and my boyfriend hate each-other with a passion. I have been with the guy a little over a year and he was working with my dad, but they got into a big fight. Mind you his parents are complete scum and are rude to my parents and act like they know me better than my parents. I have Only been around them maybe five time during our relationship. Well to give you some more details my boyfriend hasn't had a job all summer, he hasn't had a car, and when we would go out i would pay. Now i love him allot or els i wouldn't have stayed with him this long, but he has a problem with running to his mom whenever he has a problem..That's a big *** turn off....Yea my dad tolled him his parents were crap and that he didn't care for them at all and that pissed him off, but its the truth. I am 17 and he is 18 we have talked about getting married next year and awhile ago i was all for it, but now i am not so sure i kinda want to have my own teen age life for awhile. I have been home schooled my whole life. Would it be to much to ask my boyfriend to be the bigger man and suck it up with my dad? Should i stay with him and just start having fun, going out with friend and doing everything i used to? i am so confused...
your dad loves you more than anything in the world. you are his baby, you could be 70 but you would still be his baby you could have 10 guys and have had multiple divorces so you would still be his baby.

He is only looking out for your best interest. if this guy were a good match, and responsible he would have found a job right after your dad fired him. i understand your confused because of how you feel for the guy but get this one thing straight your dad will be there no matter what, but the day of tomorrow this guy could walk out on you because he has no strings attached.

he sounds like a mamma's boy he needs to man up and deal with the truth you all are telling him.

on the other hand your dad should not be telling him his parents are scum. they could be living under a bridge or be drug addicts or the worst criminals in the world but he doesn't know why they are like that. maybe they themselves had a bad upbringing and are doing what ever they can to raise their guy. they are doing what they know and no one can blame them for not knowing if they were never taught. we learn from our parents examples maybe his parents didn't have good examples.

now you are only 17 and have not even started college, where do you plan to live if you get married? with your parents? i can tell you where you will end up. AT HIS PARENTS... where you will be miserable.
Living.~> if you both work he will jump around from job to job without a stable pay, hes not working now what makes you think he will work in the future? if you are working how will you go to college? if you dont go to college and you have baby how will the three of you survive? welfare? if you dont have a college education it is very possible you can still maintain your guy but it will be so hard not knowing if you will have enough money to make the rent, to buy groceries (baby milk is expensive)

what about emotional distress? hes probably not dated that many girls and will want to go out with his boys and drink and all that stuff that teenage to early twenties guys like to do. and he will leave you at home and he will go out and come back at 3 or 4 and then you will think? why did i get married im always alone.... and if you go out when he goes out then be ready for his jelous outbursts cause there will be plenty of them.

Visiting your parents, he wont like it and he wont be welcome into your parents home as you would like, christmas, new years, thanksgiving it will be hell for you

think long and hard, and you are probably thinking that im just being pessemistic, but ive been there done that.
What is it with dumb *** trends and teen girls and guys?
I don't really get it i mean really ask a girl what her favorite shoe is and she will most likely reply with "oooo i just love my converse" i'm just like OK i promise you that 3 years ago before converse came back you could have give a ****. and if you ask a girl what her favorite outfit is she replies with " omg i <3 my skinnies and my new aropostal tee and converse" or something along those lines. i'm like OK really you dress like every other girl in the us. I mean i have had friends be criticized for wearing "fake chucks" and not brand name clothing, guess what guys that **** is expensive sorry i dont have 50 dollars to waste on a shirt or $100 for a pair of skinny jeans. I'm not against good, stylish clothing but lets not criticize others for not wearing them. in all the question for you all is what is with these trends? what is your reasoning for being "soooo in love" with your trends? but my biggest question is why do you like this clothing? can you even tell me?

p.s. i know this dosen't apply to all of you out there :)
Thank you SO MUCH! This is exactly how I feel. Me? I HATE skinny jeans and have never owned an actual pair of Converse. I buy the knock-offs, which look just as good at the wonderful price of $5! I wear flare jeans, thank you very much. I never buy name brand clothes unless they're REALLY cheap. Why? Because my family doesn't crap out money! There really isn't any point in buying such expensive clothes when you can buy clothes for cheap that look just as good if not better. I was talking to my mom's friend one time while wearing knock-off Chucks and she said, "I really love your shoes!" I said, "Oh, well they're not the real deal." "Hey, be proud! Because I bet you bought those for way cheaper than all the other guys!" Thanks, mom's friend. :) I do my own thing. Point blank. And whenever anyone criticizes me I simply tell them, "Oh yeah? Well at least I still have money to spare while your wallet is empty."

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