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Big Butt!!!?
I'm still in my teens and one day my butt suddenly decided to grow big. My waist is 63 cm, my hip is 83 and my butt is now 92!! In about half a year my butt has grown that big from only an 86!

I can truthfully and honestly say that I'm not fat, so why is my butt suddenly so big? I have been exercising lately, so could gaining muscles on the butt be the main reason?
It's normal. It's partly because your pelvis widens during puberty which makes the measurement around your butt bigger and also probably because of the extra muscle. But you don't actually have a big butt, so don't worry about it.
Big butt??
ok, my friends say that but butt is not big,
but my mom says that it is..
so do u think my but is big?? lol

and what should i do to make it smaller, because i want a smaller butt for when school starts
Your butt is nothing compared to mine, don't lose your butt, that's what makes you a woman, you let those curves go you might as well tape your boobs and cutt your hair, wear baggy clothes and call yourself a Man.
BIG butt!!!!!!!!!!!!????????
ok well im 13, and i have a big butt!!!!!!!!!! :( i really do! i have an athletic/skinny body but then its like BAM my butts big! Im exactly 5'2 and i weigh 100 pounds. what are some good butt/ab excersises?\
also, do guys like big or small butts?
lay on your back with your feet flat on the floor and about shoulder width apart. Hands should be palm down straight at your sides. Lift your hips as high off the floor as you can. your body will resemble a ramp with you head on the floor and your knees in the air. hole this position for two counts then go back to the starting position.

Also squats are a good butt exercise.

you can get on the ground on all fours and keeping your knee bend at a 90 degree angle raise your leg as high as you can. repeat on the other leg.
Big butt??
ummm...yah i know this sounds weird comming from a guy butt im 5 foot 8 inches and i weigh 121 lbs yet i have a big butt. I REALLY HATE THIS please tell me some butt training exercises i could do, oh and one more thin, do girls like skinny guys because im trying to lose a couple of pounds??
yeah gies who are skinny are ok but not like way skinny where its like impossible to as skinny as him... Cause i don't like being thicker than the guy. but back to the butt one thing you can try when your just waiting around is just squeeze your butt. try not to do it when people are around cause its usually ovious... but do it for as long as possible.. it makes your but firm
Big Butt...?
how big is a butt that is considered "big" on a 16 y.o. girl? shes 5'3 130 lbs and plays varsity soccer.
Everybody has different opinions on big, small, medium etc.
Nobody can tell you an exact measurement of what her butt size should be!
How can I make my butt big fat and jiggly?
I want my butt to be big n bouncey. But whenever I look up how to get a bigger butt it tells you how to get a firm butt, I need tips on how to get a big fat bouncy lookin booty.
now why on earth would anyone want this??
as to your question, most of the women i know with huge fat disgustiong butts eat twinkies and drink lots of beer/alcohol... sit on em all day and collect welfare instead of working.
also, all those welfare babies make a butt pretty huge too...
How do i keep my butt big but lose weight everywhere else?
I recently joined the gym and am planning to workout everyday for a good hour or so. I have a big butt and i want to keep it that way and make it more toned and possibly bigger, but i want to lose fat in my arms and my stomach. I had two guys in less than 2 years apart. I also had 2 c-sections. Does anyone know how to get rid of that fat around your stomach ??
Butt size is largely genetic, but I'd say do a low number of reps with high weight for your squats, kickbacks, calf raises, etc (anything that works that rear), as opposed to the high reps at low weight for the rest of your body. This will build muscle there rather than just tone it. Good luck.
What exercises can keep my big butt in shape?
I have a pretty big butt but and it looks perfect the way it is, I just want to do some special work-outs for it. Can you recommend anything to me?

Try lunges and squats. The 2 best butt builders :)

Really push through your heels when you perform these exercises to get as much butt activation as possible.

As well as the obvious other stuff too (i.e healthy eating, cardio etc)

Hope that helps!

How do you get a big butt and nice legs without equiptment?
i wanna a big bubble butt without gaining ugly weight around my legs, and i want nice legs with it, not too skinny and not too fat. i don't really have that much of a butt, i used to but i lost it once i started birth control. and i used to not have chicken legs, its not as bad as it sounds i just want my butt back lol. how do i do this without equiptment?
you want you want you want because you don't have. and you know that.

society is complex. so is our image of beauty.

__hon, i know that even though you don't say, you're probably doing this not for the 'health' of your skin, but because of how you look. you feel ugly because you have so many blackheads. you feel fat cause you gained weight. you feel ugly cause you're not model-material. DON'T.

what does make you ugly is admitting it. giving in. cause it's easy, listening to them. so is killing yourself. being a conformist. giving up because there IS no cure for aids. or cancer. yay! no more waste of time! but i think we all have it in us to brave through this. get back up.

i know you've seen some of those girls out there on the beach in a bikini when they shouldn't be. but you+me+the entire beach can't stop her. cause you don't matter to her. what i think doens't matter either. what matters is what SHE thinks. BE that girl.

cause it's so easy. you gained weight. now your date is ruined. you have a zit. two words: run+hide. so easy! and you let it ruin you. completely ruin your day. ruin your happy. what killed your prom wasn't your zit. or your dress. what killed it was your attitude. remember: what gets you through life is your attitude. not what the scale reads, not your face, or your chest size.

hear it out from a teen girl that has been through acne before (5 yrs), once over-weight, needs braces, and the world's oiliest skin. it's not worth it. don't. please. just don't. it's crippling. don't doubt that for a SECOND.
How can I get a big butt through exercise?
I'm a teen girl, 5'4 and 125 lbs. I'm going to lose 5-10 lbs and tone up/gain muscle. The problem is that I really love my butt. It's big and made up of mostly fat (I carry fat there). I want to make my butt lifted and rounder, but I do not want it to get smaller. What can I do to make my butt lifted, round, but also keep it big? Don't squats and lunges make it toned, not bigger? Help.
Well I didn't have much of a butt and I wanted to loose weight. I did Gilad Total Body Fitness. It worked very well. It targeted the muscle in the butt and thighs which made it bigger. You will get great results :) Hope this helped. Good Luck :)

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