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Can you review adult movies on IMDb?
I've noticed that they are listed on IMDb, and the cast and credits are often given, but they never seem to have any reviews. If you have an account, can you review them?
Are there any sites that review adult movies with women reviewing them with other women in mind?
I would love to find a site that reviews adult movies and sites that have the reviews written by women for other women.
The syntax of your question does not make much sense to me, but if what you are looking for is a website that reviews PORNOS then you should head over to
What's a really BAD movie, for a teen/young adult?
I have to write a movie review on any chosen movie for my English class. My teacher is sooo hard, he is almost impossible. I am trying to get a hold of a really bad movie, (but appropriate, just a bad plot/actors/anything) so that it will be easy for me to write a review about a sh*tty movie. :)

Any suggestions?
Anything like Scary movie, Epic movie, Vampires suck. Or you could do Final Destination.
Can my friends and I see a movie rated PG13 without adult supervision if we're only 11?
My mom is dropping us off at the movies next Friday and the movie is rated PG13 but we are only 11. So can we see it without an adult or no? Oh and also any reviews on the movie Green Hornet?? Thats what we are seeing so if you've seen it let me know how it was! Thanks for anyone who answers! If you answer mine I'll answer yours so leave a link!
Yes PG-13 is a suggestion not something needed to follow. You can pay for yourself. It was given pretty negative reviews but I thought it was better then they said it was. I would give it a 2 1/2 out of 4 stars
I need a movie for a film review?
I have to do a film review about a maovie so please suggest some, action/adventure/sci-fi/comedy prefered. A movie with no adult material whatsoever (my teacher has to read it).
And not a long one please, I want to watch it now.
If you can find it, 'La Jetee'.

It's a french sci-fi film from the 60's that is only 27 minutes or so long and here's the was remade in the 90's. Ever hear of '12 Monkeys'?

Great movie, one of my favorites and trust me, no one else is writing about this movie in your class unless you got that one super obsessed film fan like me. :)

p.s. You can get it on Criterion collection DVD, but that can be expensive.
How old do you have to be to attend the Lido Adult Movie Theater in Dallas Tx?
Looking to go and have some fun, came across this place and was sparked. Wanted to know more about it and what the ages are to attend this place... let me know of any reviews you have!
18 years old or older.
What's that movie in which a couple of adult guys decided to live again as college students?
I remember reading a short review about it, but now I just can't find the title of the movie.
Old School
Would a teenager or adult like the movie how to train your dragon?
my mom and i were going to see clash of the titans but the reviews weren't great so i was wondering about how to train your dragon... is it something like shrek because i found sherk to be funny
i'm 23 and i saw it twice last week. i'm going again to see it in 3d next weekend. honestly it's the best movie dreamworks has made in a LONG time.
Qualities of movie review?
Will you please give me what are the qualities of this movie review by Steven Anderson?

A funny thing happened on the way to the theatre this morning–and before you stop me, no, this will NOT turn into a Zero Mostel reference. I guarantee it. Anyway, I was on my way to catch the very first showing of a movie so I could bring it back here to you.
I wanted The Collector.
I got Aliens in the Attic.
I know, I know–it’s all about managed disappointment, folks, and ironically, that’s also what Aliens in the Attic is about: managed disappointment.
Anyway, the plot. It’s your class-X standard family movie fare–youngest daughter is here for no other reason than to be cute, supersmart middle boy guy feels alone and neglected and starts tanking his grades so he can fit in better because “no one likes a mathlete”, Dad’s trying his bumbling best to keep up, oldest daughter’s dating a guy roughly four years older than she is but no one actually knows until he actually starts telling people. Anyway, this Seventh Heaven episode gone ever so slightly off the rails packs up for a family vacation to Middle of Nowhere, Michigan. It’s actually something involving the word “creek” but I just didn’t care enough to pay that close attention and you won’t need to either. When they get to the rental home where the obnoxious other half of the family is also heading, they find a little surprise waiting for them.
Zirconian commandos.
Yep, seems the Zirconian Empire wants to annex Earth, and has thus sent a self-important halfwit, a psychotic weapons expert, a female martial artist who’s clearly overcompensating and a sensitive engineer who, in earth years, acts like he’s TWELVE to pave the way for the incoming invasion force by activating a device that’s been buried underground for decades. Oh, and did I mention that the Zirconians are only about one tenth the size of an average human?
Let me just say, up front, that unless you have guys this movie will be an utter waste of your time. Some guyren’s fare–especially the good stuff–is made accessible to adults by virtue of so-called “dual layer” writing, in which jokes that work for guys also work on adults on a totally different level, using things like clever double entendres and careful wordplay.
Aliens in the Attic, meanwhile, has all the wordplay of a brick.
This is a guydie movie, plain and simple. Anyone under, oh, fourteen or so is going to absolutely fall in love with it. They’re going to love the thought of using mind control on Nana and having her execute Street Fighter moves (even I was impressed by watching Doris Roberts pulling off a Shoryuken), and the thought of hijacking their sister’s jerk of a boyfriend and making him slam into his own car and confess to his girlfriend’s parents that he desperately needs a new set of adult diapers. But most grownups, meanwhile, are going to find the jokes lame and tedious, with not a whole lot of laughs available for them. The comedy here is weak if you’ve graduated high school any time recently.
Like I said, folks, it’s all about “managed disappointment”, which is just what Aliens in the Attic is. There’s some fun here, and some interesting moments, but there’s also a whole lot of guys-only stuff in between the interesting moments, a whole lot more than you’d want to personally hazard unless you’re taking the guys out to the movies.
Thus, the Screenhead Ten Scale issues it a five out of ten for doing its job and doing it well, but not doing much more than the minimum. Some great moments for grownups here can’t distract from the fact that this is, first, foremost, and mostly, a guy’s movie.

Your answers will be a great HELP. :)
there are no such qualities.

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